Are You Ready To Drift Into The Future Of Chatbots?

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Picture this: you’re on a website trying to find a form. You find the form and request a consultation or meeting. You get a quick thank you message and then you’re sent on your merry way to wait for a response.

Ain't nobody got time for that!

You’re busy; we’re busy. If only there were a shortcut to help you get the best experience on a website.

Well, the old way of interacting with a website is over. Get ready, because it’s now time for the age of the bots.




No, not those bots, thankfully.

Bots more like these. Cute little pop-ups that help you shortcut a process or find what you want when using a website. Helper bots.

You may have seen these several websites lately, but may be wondering how they work. “Why would I want to use one of these?” “Isn’t it just intrusive marketing?” “The bots I’ve used before never worked, so why would I use this?”



Over the past few months at ROI Online, we’ve installed Drift on our site. Drift is a chatbot tool for sales and marketing. Rather than filling out a bland, boring form and waiting for a response, you can have a conversation.

If you've visited our site, recently you may have noticed a conversation with Doc B.B popping up on the corner of your browser. Our mascot and Drift conversationalist has been hard at work reaching out to people and trying to provide them an awesome experience.


We are using Drift to shortcut users, who may already be a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), and turn them into a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Sounds neat, right?

How Does Drift Work?

Drift uses messaging playbooks to send specific messages to users who need to see that information, based on referral links and page visits. *Side note: HubSpot can integrate with Drift so Drift can track HubSpot cookies as well.

Why Would I Want To Use Drift?

There are many reasons to use Drift. For one, you can provide your users with a better experience by shortcutting many processes. You can take work off of your sales team and allow Drift to book meetings for you. The possibilities are endless! This product is hot off the press, so get in on it while you can.

How To Collect Data With Drift?

With Drift, you can capture someone’s name, email and any other information, just like you would with a form on a landing page. But this way users can have a conversation instead of filling out a static form. This makes it feel more personal and provides them with a higher level of customer experience.

We’re still new to Drift and in the testing stage, but so far, we have been impressed with the technology as well as the company’s customer service. Keep an eye out for my next article in the Drift technology series.

So Why Drift?

Drift isn’t anything like other bots you may have used on your website or used while visiting someone else’s website. Drift will change how you capture leads. People will book meetings faster, download content faster, and, more importantly, become a customer faster!

Want to learn more about Drift and how you can utilize it for your sales and marketing teams? Check out their blog below.




Be sure to come back to the ROI Online blog for more tips on using Drift!

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