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Employee Spotlight: Carlos Aguirre

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My name is Carlos Andrés Aguirre Collahuazo, or Carlos for short if the last name is too long or too hard to pronounce. I am your average Latino man: hardworking, rugged good looks, family man, passionate about fútbol, and proud owner of ridiculously good dancing moves. I’m also a self-proclaimed innovator and a sucker for good food, sharp couture, and traveling.

Originally from Ecuador, I was born and raised in Loja, a gorgeous and humble city in the southern Ecuadorian Andes.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from West Texas A&M University and moved on to work as the Promotions Manager for a now-extinct corporate retailer based in Amarillo, TX. There I gained experience managing the promotional material for multiple retail stores, interacted with product distributors, and learned about the acquisition and administration of products for retail sale.

During this time, I began to work toward an MBA in Management and Marketing at WTAMU, which led me to transition into a new position at this educational institution. There my responsibilities included the development, management, and marketing of the video production services at the College of Business, all of which allowed me to develop my communication and interpersonal skills while gaining the freedom to produce more creative work and provide value through a structured marketing framework.

Once I graduated with my Master's degree and exhausted my possibilities for growth in my former position, I was ready for a new challenge, and I enlisted to become a new member of the ROI Online team in April of 2017.

At ROI Online, I earned multiple certifications, from our required Inbound and HubSpot Software Certification to StoryBrand, Primal Branding, and HubSpot’s Project Management and Sales Enablement, all to be able to guide new and current client throughout the ROI Online development and partnership processes.

Throughout my professional career and education, I have always enjoyed creative freedom and culture. I am attracted to knowledge and challenges, and I always like to surround myself with people smarter than me. During my free time, I also enjoy creating my own art, from illustrations to simple motion graphics.

I also enjoy making videos — creative and artistic — but strategic and business-driven as well. I am very much attracted to the process of creating new things and learning.

Even in my free time, I enjoy working on new ideas. And I am lucky enough to always be encouraged by my sweet, talented, and caring girlfriend, Emily. Look at us, aren’t we dreamy?

Emily and I are advocates of emotional health, and together we created a videos series called VIEWS, which is aimed to spread education about emotional intelligence and its application to our day-to-day lives. Check out the first dispatch of the series below.

Thank you for reading! Comment below or reach me out at carlos@roionline.com if you want to give me feedback or ideas on what to write next.

Illustrations by Carlos Aguirre via @carlosaguirre__

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