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12 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Defining 2016

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Part of successful marketing is understanding the trends that are on the horizon. 2016 is going to be a memorable year in the world of digital marketing.

There are many significant trends that will have long-lasting impacts. Let's look at a few that will drive your 2016 marketing success.

Content Marketing

Quality remains a top priority. The days of producing tons of poor-quality content are ebbing. Smart marketers know that high-quality content is what attracts the right audience.

People instead of search engines. Just a few years ago, the focus of content marketing was on getting as high on the search engine rankings as possible. While that remains a priority, creating content for real people and using focused keywords, has overtaken SEO in importance.

Content goes well beyond the written. Visual forms of content have been gaining ground for many years now. 2016 will be a year when infographics, videos, live streaming, and other visual forms of content take their place at the head of the line.

Social Media Marketing

Viral is not as important as it once was. In the past few years, businesses competed to "go viral." Succeeding at that can bring hundreds and thousands of visitors. However, only a few things "go viral."Quality content focused on engaging the audience has a greater impact for most companies.

Live streaming goes social. Consumers expect more from businesses. One of the hottest trends is being able to see real-time events via a live stream. Sharing those streams on social media offers instant engagement. Think Facebook's Live Video

Responding to incoming social media becomes a priority. Social media has become a channel for customer service. Businesses need to find opportunities to engage 1-on-1 with their customers.

Email Marketing


Mobile-friendly emails are a must. Up to 2/3 of email in the United States is read on a smartphone. If your email is not mobile-friendly, it is very likely to be discarded and remain unread. Always keep this in mind when designing an email.

Smart marketers will adopt segmentation. If you have been using the "batch and blast" method of email distribution, you are not doing your business any favors. A better method is segmentation, which involves sending focused emails to a segment of your email list, based on your business' personas, which include demographics, interests and other parameters.

Website Design

Flat design continues to dominate. Today's content must be easy to read on large computer screens as well as much smaller smartphone screens. Flat design actually makes this possible. Flat designs are also easier to read and they tend to load faster.

Form follows function. Users care far more about how a website performs than how it looks. While good visual design is important, if the website does not work properly, users will go elsewhere.

Other Digital Marketing Trends

Personalization. In almost all areas of marketing, personalization is dominating. With so much content out there, consumers want something more. Being able to personalize emails, web content, social media, and other marketing channels is essential for companies who want to rule the marketing world.

Search is expanding. Facebook is developing its own search engine. It’s not the only major market player doing it. This expansion of search offers an opportunity for businesses of all sorts.

These trends, and many more, are going to mold and transform the world of marketing in 2016. If you need help with your marketing this year, get in touch with the marketing pros at ROI Online! We offer email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, web design, and so much more.


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