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3 Proven Tactics For Increasing Your Blog Traffic With Graphics

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There’s a reason BuzzFeed uses the same format for its posts over and over again: It works.

Images and GIFs flood its site because readers like to be entertained — and graphics are the ultimate entertainer. With so many distractions around, you need to be able to keep your readers interested.


Of the two examples below, which is more appealing to you?


Probably the one on the right — the graphic with vibrant colors grabs your attention. And when when you grab viewers’ attention, content consumption skyrockets. Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.

A Few Practical Tips On Using Blog Graphics

Images can come in BuzzFeed fashion (one after another) or singularly. If choosing a single image for your blog, make it pop — select an odd angled shot, use it as a concept illustration, overlay it with text, etc. Readers would prefer to see the first image of beer or the second.


They can come in color or black and white. Though research shows colored visuals increase viewers' desire to read content by 80%, black and white photography still has its place. Either way, choose images that capture the eye, like these:


Finally, graphics can be fun or informational. Infographics often play both roles and, bonus,
they see 3 times as many likes and shares on social media than other any other type of content.


The takeaway: Graphics encourage people to read your blog. And isn’t that the primary goal?



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