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3 Reasons Why a StoryBrand BrandScript Is a Must For Your Company

Your company needs a story. And not just any story, but a powerful and compelling one that ignites the imagination of your audience. Without it, you're just another faceless corporation, indistinguishable from all the others. 

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So what makes your brand unique? Why should people care about what you have to say? A great story can answer these questions and more, positioning you as an authority in your industry and motivating customers to take action.

How Stories Can Affect Your Brand Message

Stories Help Create a Connection With Customers 

Storytelling is a tested and effective approach to get customers to connect with your brand's message. We look at the customer's perspective— what could they be thinking when they see your sales letter, email, or blog post? 

The StoryBrand marketing approach helps you shape what customers think about your brand, using a streamlined message that cuts through the noise of advertising and promotion.

Stories Inspire People to Take Action 

Stories are especially effective in inspiring people to take action. Your StoryBrand BrandScript not only delivers your marketing messages but also inspires customers with what you offer and tells them what they need to do next, whether it's visiting a location or making a purchase.

Using a StoryBrand BrandScript lets companies focus on the more effective factors that drive people to their business—storytelling, messaging, and marketing.

Stories Help Position Your Brand as an Authority in Its Industry

Stories make your brand more relatable, giving your brand a voice. Your StoryBrand BrandScript will help position your company as an authority in its industry by sharing stories of real people who are already using what you offer.

A Storybrand BrandScript is the first and the most important part of creating marketing messages that resonate with your customers. It will help you shape your message and create a connection between you and your customers.

Here are three reasons why you need it in your brand's communication.

1. It's the Holy Grail of All Your Marketing Materials

Your brand messaging works best when you focus on the one thing that unites them all. Your StoryBrand BrandScript gives you that one thing and keeps your message clear, simple, and easy for your customers to understand.

Your StoryBrand BrandScript gives you a clear, simple, and easy-to-understand message that works well for every marketing material your company creates.

It actually works as a “blueprint” for all your marketing messages. StoryBrand BrandScripts helps simplify every message your brand sends out — from sales copy and web pages to newsletters, videos, and even customer service calls — so you can communicate your message in a unified way no matter what channel you’re using.

The BrandScript Focuses Your Story on Your Customer

The StoryBrand BrandScript focuses your messaging on the customer, where your brand's real story begins. And just like every great story ever told, it answers the question, “What’s in this for me?” 

It helps you craft buyer-focused messages that will make customers want to buy from you instead of bottling up their wants and needs. Your BrandScript will help you shift the focus from your company to those you serve, those who buy from you, those who love what you do. It achieves this result through a clear message that is easy to share.

In a Nutshell: StoryBrand BrandScript Makes Your Brand Story Easier to Write and More Effective at Selling Stuff!

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3 Worst Marketing Mistakes Most Brands Make

They Confuse The “Right” With The “Easy”

Most companies assume that their sales pitch needs to be easy. They assume the “right” message is one that isn’t complicated, and it should make sense once someone reads your company’s name and perhaps a couple of keywords or phrases.

But StoryBrand believes you shouldn’t simplify your message unless it’s absolutely necessary. StoryBrand believes the “right” marketing materials are ones that tell a compelling story while reinforcing your brand's promise and positioning you as the clear choice in your industry.

They Fail to Answer The Question, “What’s in This for Me?”

Most companies simply assume their customers know what’s in it for them. They assume your customers either already understand the value you offer or they don’t care to learn about it. StoryBrand believes that if you don’t answer this question, there’s a good chance no one will be interested enough to buy from you.

StoryBrand believes your brand's messages should always include a promise and a call to action. The moment we assume we know what our customers want instead of generously seeking out their needs, we start to make the story about ourselves when their narrative moves help us achieve success more than anything else.

They Forget That Marketing Messages Win Because They Serve and Speak to Their Customers, not Just Them.

Most brand messages are just “about us” instead of being centered around your customers' external, philosophical and internal problems. StoryBrand believes that any effective marketing message is about something your customer wants more than you do. StoryBrand believes that "If it doesn't serve the prospect, then it has no place in your business."

They forget that any effective marketing message is about something your customers want more than you do.

StoryBrand BrandScripts helps you avoid these three things and more so that your marketing messages inspire action instead of confusion or boredom.


2. It Helps Improve Internal Communication, Like Your Team's Literal Brand Script

When you work with a StoryBrand Certified Agency,  you improve the way your brand appeals to your customer's story. Plus, you can address a communication-related internal problem.

Contrary to what many people believe, your brand goes beyond logos and visuals. Your brand is created with every interaction your customers make with your business. When one of your employees talks to one of your clients in an off-brand way, it ruins your brand. When you address a customer service concern, it builds your brand.

When your entire team is familiar with your BrandScript, everyone can speak on behalf of the brand without the risk of ruining what you've built so hard. Every interaction, transaction, and communication in, out, and within your company will drastically improve because everyone knows how to send simple and clear messages. The benefits may manifest themselves through shorter meetings, better company emails, even healthier company culture.

3. It Follows a Framework Designed to Engage The Human Brain Unlike Anything Else

Finally, your company needs a BrandScript because it follows the StoryBrand Framework.

The StoryBrand Framework was created by author and marketer Donald Miller, defined clearly in his book, Building a StoryBrand. This framework is based on the common story elements found in all the greatest stories ever told. The StoryBrand Framework has helped lots of businesses create clear stories that engage with their customers.

Donald Miller found out that the story structure walks a beaten path in the brain of every human being. When we absorb information in the form of a story, it somehow feels familiar and makes a lot more sense compared to narratives presented in a confusing manner.

Stories have the power to capture your customer's focus when they finally pay attention. It's so easy for ads to get ignored these days, so one way to stand out and cut through the noise is to clarify your message through the StoryBrand Framework.

Your BrandScript will be the blueprint and the StoryBrand Framework is the roadmap. You can use both to build your brand and guide your customers through a journey of transformation - an offer they won't easily refuse because it resonates with their needs and their desires.

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