3 Valuable Marketing Lessons I've Learned At ROI Online


I am now coming up on my second month of interning here at ROI Online, and it’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve learned about new marketing strategies and processes that businesses need to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Some of these methods include clear storytelling, positioning companies as thought leaders, and formulating accurate buyer personas to target the right audiences, to name a few.

But, behind these methods are principles, principles that must be learned, understood and adopted before entrepreneurs can even become aware of these practices that enable successful marketing.

Three Principles Behind Modern, Successful Marketing

1) Your business will fail without a clear message.

You always hear about the importance of communicating clearly, and it seems like a rudimentary principle in marketing, but it is critical.

On your websites, advertisements, emails, etc., you wasting your money if you try to tell customers your company's story, its history, and the endless features of your product from your company's point of view.

Communicate the story from the customer's point of view.

If customers do not immediately understand how your products/services are going to solve their problems, they will move on, and you will lose sales.

It’s simple, but you would be surprised at how many companies miss the mark on this.

Customers do not come to your website to read about how great your company is. Yes, you need a strong product/service to sell, but customers and potential customers visit your website because they are looking for a solution. So, tell them how you are going to make their lives better!

That may be the most valuable piece of information a business can iterate to their customers.

2) If you’re in marketing, you must develop the habit of becoming a habitual learner.

Marketing is always evolving, and chances are what you know now will be different in five to 10 years. As the consumer changes, so do marketing and sales strategies.

For example, the StoryBrand concept of clear, customer-oriented communication is relatively new and something that is beginning to hit home with many companies.

Learn More About StoryBrand

If you are not actively seeking and soaking up new trends and techniques in marketing, your business will suffer. You must take the initiative to capitalize on impactful new marketing sales techniques if you want a competitive edge.

3) Lastly, many people have their own ideas of what marketing is, and what it means.

But have you ever thought of marketing as a tool for business development? Because that’s what marketing helps companies do — grow.

Think of your business as a car. Without putting gas in the tank — which is marketing for your company — it won’t get you to where you need to go.

Better marketing leads to increased sales, and increased sales mean your business is growing! You can’t have growth without sales, but you can’t have sales without strategically marketing first.

Entrepreneurs must shift their mindset to thinking of marketing as a necessary step toward business development. And in the end, doesn’t every business owner want their company to grow?

Putting It All Together

If you don’t clearly communicate, potential customers will leave your website, blog, emails, and social media channels confused, and search for another option, like your competitor’s!

So how you can stay ahead of the curve? Here at ROI Online, we are huge advocates of HubSpot and StoryBrand. As a HubSpot Platinum Level Agency and the first StoryBrand Certified Agency, we have married these two unique and critical strategies — inbound marketing and storytelling marketing — to help our clients achieve their goals.

Check out our QuickStart Kit to learn about how we can set you up for success in just 90 days!


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