3 Ways Proposify Can Help Close Your Sales

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Paperwork. It’s one of the drudgeries of life.

From filing papers at work to conjuring up proposals, paperwork is far from exciting. Truthfully, most of us want to avoid it altogether.

This goes for creating proposals for your business as well. Reading through pages of a bland word document is a dull, monotonous experience for both parties involved. For the client, it eats up their time, adding more stress by making them carve time out of their busy schedule to sign the proposal. And takes time away from you, too.

But with the right tool, the proposal process can be improved upon and made more efficient. And the tool that can improve that process for you and your customers is Proposify.

What Is Proposify?

Proposify is a sales software that helps you track and design beautifully branded proposals that include interactive elements such as videos and e-signatures. It’s especially useful for sales professionals, marketing agencies, and those who want to design heavy proposals and close sales.

Think of Proposify as a blended marketing and sales tool you can implement in the last leg of your sales process, adding an additional layer of professionalism and an immersive customer touchpoint your competitors don’t have. Ultimately, it’s a tool that helps your clients feel that much better about doing business with you.

With that being said, here are 3 ways Proposify can help you close your sales. 

1. Convenience And User Friendliness 

One of the reasons Proposify provides so much value is the convenience it offers. The e-signature eliminates the back and forth communication often made to get the proposal signed. Now with the digital signature feature, clients have the ability to sign your proposal anytime, anywhere. 

Another reason Proposify is so valuable is that it makes it easy to quickly spin up a proposal The tools editor is extremely user-friendly because all of Proposify’s features are drag and drop:

Proposify drag and drop feature screen shot

From here, you simply select an option on the right, like the text box, drag it on the page, set the properties you want on it, and away you go.

Proposify text screen shot_

If you have your written content ready, it’s as simple as copy and paste. If you have your branded content, all you need to do is upload your logo and drag it on the proposal. That’s it.

As a bonus, Proposify also offers a resources page. Here you’ll find beneficial assets such as training webinars, sasS video series, a help center, and more—all to help improve your proposal process.

Proposify resrouces screen shot_

2. Customizable Templates

Proposify offers over 60 free completely customizable free templates. Here are some example pages from a consulting template below.

Proposify consulting_

Proposify screen shot
Proposify e-signature screen shotThe templates are fantastic because it gives you a good base to start with your proposal, and you can customize bits and pieces based on the client you’re sending the proposal to. 

The repeater brackets you see such as  {client company}, {client first name}, {client last name}, etc. automatically populates based on the clients’ information when generating a proposal. It’s a nice piece of automation that saves you time from manually filling out the information you frequently use in your proposals, expediting the signing process. 

And a convenient place you can store this repeater information is in the content library section. Here your assets such as frequently used fees, snippets texts of paragraph sections, and images are stored, allowing you to quickly grab several blocks of repeatedly used content, and put into your proposal to, making the process that much faster. 

Proposify content features screen shot-1

3. Instant Customer Insights & Platforms Integrations 

One of the cool things about Proposify is the customers’ insights.

As soon as a client views the proposal, Proposify instantly notifies you via email. It even tells you how long clients view your proposal. This way, you can track wins and signed proposals down to the weeks, days, and even seconds. 

On top of that, the tool also integrates with popular CRMs, accounting, and project management platforms. 

Proposify CRM integrations screen

For example, we take advantage of Proposify’s excellent HubSpot CRM integration:

HubSpot  ROI Online CRM Proposify Integration

Proposify has a series of 4 actions: 

  • When I create a proposal, put it in.
  • When I send a proposal, put it in.
  • When I win a proposal, put it in.
  • When I lose a proposal, put it in.

So when we create a proposal, Proposify automatically creates a deal in our deal stages to potential fit. If a proposal is sent, it goes into agreement sent; if the proposal is won it goes to deal won, or closed lost. All four of these options can be connected to any customizable field we create in HubSpot. 

Take Advantage Of  Proposify To Help Close Your Sales 

Using Proposify is a great tool that saves you time by cutting the drudgery out of writing proposals, offers you beautifully designed free templates and empowers you to craft the proposal from scratch, presents detailed customer insights, and provides your clients with the ultimate convenience of signing anywhere, anytime.

And these are only a handful of the highlighted features Proposify offers.

Ultimately, in order to grow your business as a small firm, you need to build a system. This system is powered and driven by technology. Along with that system, you need a set of technology tools to empower your sales and enhance your clients’ or customers’ experience when purchasing with you. 

Proposify is another great tool we recommend to get your business growth stack running. To learn more about Proposify or we can help you get started, schedule a consultation below!

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