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4 Scary Good Ways to Show Off Your Company Culture On Instagram


Your company culture is extremely important to your business. Without a fun, engaging culture, your team members won’t be invested in your success—and potential hires will come running to your door! But having a good culture isn’t enough. You have to incorporate your company culture into your social media strategy, too.

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Showing off your culture isn’t just essential for potential employees. It’s also great for your customers and potential customers! Why? Because when they see your employees having a great experience and when they see you being personal, they know that you’re real and that they can trust you. I would follow a company that shares real photos over the company that only posts quotes and stock photos any day! 

People also know that when employees are treated well and love what they do, they will usually produce better quality work for them. It’s essential for your current employees to feel like they are a part of something. They want to feel like they are included. When they see themselves in posts, or they see something they want to reshare, they feel like they belong. When people feel like they belong, and they are making an impact, they will be happier and produce better work. 

Showing off your culture is also great for potential employees because they want to work for places that have an awesome company culture. Unless they’re a robot, they want to work for a place that will value them as an employee and as a person. By seeing that played out on social media, they will know it’s not just something you say you have, but it is something that you DO have. They say the proof is in the pudding, right? Well, social media is your frickin’ pudding! 

So now that you know why it’s important to highlight your company culture, what are some ways to actually highlight it? Dang, you ask great questions! 

Instagram can be a scary platform to behold, and what is even more terrifying is figuring out how to portray your company’s culture on said spooky site. Let me tell you a few of the ways that we highlight our company culture on Instagram here at ROI Online. 

1. Employee Spotlights 

Anytime we get a new employee, hire an intern, or have an employee’s birthday, we give the team member some love with employee spotlight posts. 

With this, we like to ask that employee to submit a photo of themself (so they actually approve of the picture that is going to be posted of them), and I ask them to tell me 1-3 fun facts about themselves and what they love most about their job. 

Once I have all that info, I make a fun post, either highlighting the new kid on the block or highlighting their work. Here’s an example of that. 

ROI Online Employee spotlight example image on instagram

Not only are these posts super fun and engaging for the team member that’s being showcased, but they also allow customers to really get to know the people they work with and give prospective employees a chance to meet their future co-workers.

2. Behind-The-Scenes Post

A behind-the-scenes post is just what it sounds: a look at what goes on behind the scenes at your office. No staging involved, just snap some (quality) shots of whatever you are working on and bam, you’ve got some content that people will love to see and your employees will be a part of! 

Here are a few of the behind the scenes posts I’ve shared out on our social media.

Zach-and-zeke-fb-behind the scenes photo

ROI Online behind the scenes photo

These posts perform very well because:

  1. They show a candid and real look at what ROI Online is really like.

  2. They show off all the pieces that go into our work that customers might not realize.

  3. They show how hard our team members work, which is always a plus!

3. User-Generated Content (UGC) 

If you are a product-based or experience-based company, this is an awesome free gift that you should take advantage of ASAP! UGC is when the people that use your product or service (or in this case, the employees at your company) actually create the content for your social media strategy! 

There are some rules that you will need to follow when you use UGC. If you follow those guidelines, however, you will be able to feature your employee’s content on your page without having to create it yourself. It’s less work for you, but the results are usually much higher than the results of in-house content.  

ROI employee in ROI gray hoodie

Content like this usually has a much farther reach than normal content because your employee is actually acting as a brand ambassador, sharing off your content to an audience your content doesn’t usually reach. 

This is a HUGE win because your employee loves your company or product so much that they would share it on their personal social for their friends, family, and audience to see. GO YOU!!

4. Party Posts


If your company is like ours and loves a party (or if you are Rod from Hot Rod and that’s what you do), then post about said parties! That means company events, team outings, birthday parties, workaversary parties, holiday festivities, or whatever get-togethers you host.

This will add life and personality to your company’s Instagram profile. Plus, when you add a boomerang of your employees battling zombies, a photo of escaping a haunted house makes memories last for years to come. 

Here are a few of those memories that we cherish. 

ROI Online employees attending a fair-comp

Take Your Instagram Presence Up A Notch

Just because it’s “spooky season” and Instagram can be a complicated beast to tame doesn’t mean you need to be scared of putting your company culture out there. By incorporating these four types of posts into your quarterly or monthly calendar, you can show off your company’s unique culture and atmosphere year-round. It’s easier than you thought, huh? 

If you need any ideas on how to build a better company culture, our team has got your back. Over the past six years, we’ve created a fun and engaging company culture that remains a crucial part of who we are. Our founder, Steve Brown, has even put together some tips you can follow to transform your culture into a place where employees love coming to the office every day!

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Happy Marketing!

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