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4 Signs You Chose The Wrong Character For Your StoryBrand BrandScript

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When it comes to StoryBrand, the BrandScript is where it’s all at. You’ll use your BrandScript when creating all types of content, from website pages and emails to lead generating offers and sales materials. 

So what happens when your BrandScript isn’t up to par?

I’ve worked as a StoryBrand Guide for years now, and during that time, I’ve seen countless business owners who didn’t get an ROI from their BrandScript in the past. They invested a significant amount of time and energy into creating a BrandScript on their own or with a different guide, but in the end, they didn’t see an improvement in their bottom line.

The issue isn’t the StoryBrand Framework. It’s the character they chose for their BrandScript.

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Think about it. The character is the most crucial aspect of a story. If they aren’t relatable, people won’t be invested in the storyline. The same goes for your BrandScript. If the character doesn’t reflect who your customers really are, they’re not going to buy into your message. And that means fewer results for you.

So that begs the question, how do you know if your BrandScript isn’t targeting the right character? These are the biggest warning signs to look out for.

1. People Aren’t Spending Much Time On Your Website.

One of the easiest ways to evaluate the success of your content is to look at the amount of time visitors spend on your website.

If they’re spending between 3-10 minutes on a webpage, you know they’re taking the time to read the content. If they spend 2 minutes or less, they’re skimming a page and then clicking the back button.

Because your website content should come directly from your BrandScript, this simple number is a great way to measure its effectiveness. So what should you do if visitors aren’t spending enough time on your website? 

Revist your BrandScript. Share it with existing customers and ask them if it resonates with them. Then, create a new version and A/B test your home page. If website visitors spend more time reading it, you’ll know you’re headed in the right direction.

2. The Majority Of Your Customers Aren’t Like Your BrandScript Character.

Sometimes, even if your BrandScript isn’t targeting the right audience, your business will still manage to close on deals. 

Maybe someone finds your blog and reaches out to you directly. Perhaps they heard about you from another happy customer. Whatever the case may be, when you talk with the customer, you immediately know they’re nothing like the character your BrandScript is targeting.

Not that you’re complaining, of course! A sale is a sale.

When this happens occasionally, it’s nothing to worry about. Not everyone will fit into your character box, so a few stragglers finding your business is expected. But if a majority of your customers aren’t like your BrandScript character, that’s a sign that your BrandScript might need some work.

If that’s the case, look at all of your recent customers and search for commonalities. You can then use their similarities to create a new BrandScript, one that will be a much better fit.

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3. You’ve Had A Drop In Sales And Leads.

This is one of the biggest tale-tell signs of an unsuccessful BrandScript. You’re doing everything right, you have all the pieces in place, but in the end, you don’t have any results to show for it. 

No one is downloading your lead generating offer. No one is requesting a quote or scheduling a consultation. Your sales calls have taken a hit, and it seems like business is at a standstill.

As a business owner, this is the worst outcome possible. You invested a lot into your BrandScript, and it’s disheartening to see all of that hard work go to waste. But the truth is, the character itself is likely the problem. When your marketing just isn’t getting results, that’s a good indication that your BrandScript isn’t targeting the right person.

In this situation, I highly recommend reaching out to the last customer you successfully settled on. Ask them what drove them to pick your company. Then, share pieces of your BrandScript and ask whether they connect with the message. They will likely provide deeper insight into where you went wrong than any online research.

4. You Based Your BrandScript Character On Customers You Haven’t Targeted Before.

I’ve seen this time and time again. A business owner wants to write a BrandScript for their brand. But, instead of basing the character off of the customers they currently work with, they want to target an entirely new target audience.

On one hand, it’s easy to see why they make this decision. Imagine the business is a retail store that caters to women who are in their 40s and up. The retail store is already selling their clothing to mothers and grandmothers, but the market for their children is still untapped. If they make a BrandScript for women in their early 20s, the store owner might believe they can reel in young adults while keeping their more mature customers.

But let me tell you, this strategy rarely pays off. Instead of adding new customers to the existing customer base, the new BrandScript content sends the old customers packing. Why? Because it doesn’t resonate with them anymore. These women chose this establishment because they felt a connection to the brand. If the brand doesn’t represent who they want to be, they’ll start looking for a new business.

And in my experience, it’s much easier to attract more customers from your existing target audience than it is to reach an entirely new audience.

So What Do You Do When Your BrandScript Lets You Down?

First of all, don’t take it too hard. Creating the perfect BrandScript is a nearly impossible feat, especially for entrepreneurs who are so close to their business. You’re going to make mistakes along the way, and that’s all a part of the process. 

Even business owners who created the perfect BrandScript can find themselves in this situation in the future, as the market shifts and people’s desires change.

In my experience, the most beneficial thing you can do is get a second opinion. Have a StoryBrand Guide look over your BrandScript with you. They can provide invaluable feedback about where there may be holes or inconsistencies. Plus, as an unbiased third party, they’ll be able to look at the BrandScript with fresh eyes and see it the way a new customer might.

At ROI Online, our team of StoryBrand experts has helped dozens of businesses create highly targeted BrandScripts that provide serious results. And with our QuickStart process, you’re involved every step of the way. 

If you’re questioning the effectiveness of your BrandScript, let’s talk. Schedule a free strategy session, and we’ll work together to get you the results you deserve.

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