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4 Tips To Write An Effective Business Video Script


Creating videos can take a lot out of you. Setting up the cameras, filming all the B-roll, renting out the studio, actually dressing up nice… It’s a whole lot of work.

And then there’s the script. The most daunting part.


Whether you’re a natural writer or not, scripts can be a pain. They have to be conversational, yet informative; short, yet educational; enjoyable, yet professional. It’s hard enough to memorize the thing, let alone write it.

But the script is the most important part of your video, so it’s crucial you do it right. How do you do that, you ask? Follow these easy tips to create an epic script that’ll help nurture leads and bring in the sales!

Apply Story Principles To Your Script

Like all content, a script should have a clean format that’s easy for listeners to digest. The best way to do that? Stories, of course!


A story-driven format like StoryBrand can help you ensure your script is engaging, entertaining, and effective. If you’re spending all that time on creating a video, you want it to be viewed, right?

An easy way to do this is to answer these questions in your script:

  1. What problem or hardship does your customer experience that this video is addressing?
  2. What impact will this problem/hardship have if left unnoticed?
  3. How can they best resolve this problem/hardship?
  4. What will life look like once they have resolved it?

Although this isn’t quite the StoryBrand framework, it’s a simple way to keep your scripts on topic and engaging from start to finish.

Keep It Light And Breezy

Do you remember the educational videos you had to watch in high school or college? If you do, you probably don’t remember them being very enjoyable. Or entertaining. Or tolerable.

When you’re creating a video for your business, you don’t want it to be like a high school educational video. You actually want people to want to watch it. And for that, it has to be conversational and entertaining.

To write a fun script, don’t get too into the details. Your video should be educational, but if you use a lot of jargon or industry lingo, chances are you’ll lose the viewers’ interest along the way.

Instead, write like you’re talking to someone with a little bit of knowledge on your topic. Don’t be condescending, but don’t overwhelm them with too much either.

Humor is another way to pique your viewers’ interest. Work in a few jokes to keep things interesting. (Just not too much, unless you want to be the next BuzzFeed.) Take a look at how I work humor into my script.



Keep Your Storyboard In Mind

Keep shot composition in mind while you’re writing your script. Where will you put close-ups? Wide angles? B-roll?

A lot of times, we try to throw this in after the script is written. But that can lead to an awkward finished video. Instead, always keep in mind what the visual aspect of the script will be as you’re writing the audio portion.

Not only will this make your final video more seamless, but it could save you time and effort in the long run. After all, if you just need voice over, you don’t have to stand in front of a camera. And the less time in front of the camera, the better.


Read It And Tweak

Finally, the best way to make your script sound natural is to read it out loud. It may sound a little childish, but this can help you really hear how your sentences flow together. Sometimes, a phrase looks great in print but sounds horrible when spoken aloud.

Plus, you’ll need to read it out loud to memorize it, right? You might as well kill two birds with one stone!

Video scripts can be super overwhelming. Fortunately, these tips can help you create an awesome business script that draws in your audience, keeps their attention, and guides them along the buyer’s journey.

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