4 Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your Project Manager

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Project managers have to juggle many different hats throughout the day. Although there is some semblance of routine, it’s tricky to tell what each day is going to bring. Between answering emails, leading meetings and trying to fill in the gaps in projects, chances are your project manager has a lot on their mind.

Clients should always be able to turn to their project manager, but may not know how to ask them a question or approach them regarding a problem. These tips will help ensure you are getting the most of your project manager.

1. Never be afraid to contact your project manager.

Although we have a lot going on, we are in the communications department for a reason. We are in the business to please. We are strategically placed to handle all communication between the client and the agency. Emails, phone calls and meetings are our bread and butter.

We want you to contact us with any problem, question, or concern with your project. It is our job to make you feel like we’re your all around marketing guru. Never hesitate.

2.  Always contact your project manager directly.

It's critical you stay in contact with your project manager. Sometimes, clients do not realize the effect of emailing another team member about project information. As the project manager, we have to keep constant control of the project, so this is why we like to have all communication go through us first. This is our way of keeping a lot of hands out of the cookie jar. Trust us, we will get your email or request to the right person.

3. Rely on your project manager.

Sometimes you may be afraid to ask a question, but more than likely, we have been asked that same question a thousand times! We are always happy to answers any questions or concerns our clients may have.

Need a website change? We’ll get it done. Have a Facebook post that needs to go out? We will get it to the right department in a timely matter. We are always here to help!

4. Keep your project manager informed.

We know you are extremely busy and we understand that things come up that may sidetrack you. We love to help, but we love to help in an appropriate timeframe. If you have a big project for us, awesome, but please give us ample time to make the project as effective as possible. We have to be the bearers of bad news, so help us not feel the wrath of our coworkers by giving us appropriate timelines. It will help us vastly improve your project.

Utilizing your project manager will help you get the best return on your project. We are there to partner with you, educate you and overall help you.


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