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5 Powerful Ingredients For Driving Team Engagement Through Leadership

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teamwork-company.jpgWhat’s the secret sauce for getting the most out of your team? I think it is safe to say we’d all like to know what that one secret recipe is, but i'm not convinced there’s just one.

We are all individuals and it would be unrealistic to think that the same approach works with everyone. One thing we can all agree upon is that an engaged team is a productive team.

Here are my top five tips for driving team engagement.

1. Find the right people.

Creating a company culture and sticking to it will help you select the right people for your team. While education and skills are essential, finding a personality that meshes with your team is equally important. One bad apple can ruin the bunch, or at least create a lot of unnecessary tension. Sometimes investing in growing an individual's hard skills will pay off if they are a good fit with your team.  

2. Communicate expectations.

This one seems like it should be a no-brainer, but setting proper expectations can make or break a team effort. Make sure all of your team members understand their roles and how they can contribute to the whole group. You also want to make sure that your entire team is aware of the goal your company is working toward and why each piece of the puzzle matters.

3. Empower your teammates.

The biggest benefit of a team is the collection of different skills each person brings. The easiest way to highlight those skills is to delegate. Let your team members handle the work they are best at. This is the best way to empower your fellow crew members and acknowledge they are making a real contribution.

4. Support every individual.

Supporting your teammates comes in many fashions, but making sure they have the right tools to complete the job is critical. This one seems pretty obvious, but you might be surprised how many people don’t deliver on their tasks simply because they did not have the right software or equipment. If it is a task that requires a teammate to step outside of their comfort zone, be a mentor and guide them through it!

5. Recognize contributions.

Not being recognized for your work doesn’t exactly make you feel good about yourself. So don’t forget to point out great work! Saying thank you is simple, but pointing out how someone’s work contributed to your team’s success or acknowledging someone’s idea rather than taking it as your own is meaningful. Exceptional work comes from people who consistently feel appreciated.

Working with a team can be challenging, but it can also be equally as rewarding! These five tips work hand-in-hand to help drive team engagement. While each piece of advice might be powerful on its own, combining them all will help your team succeed.


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