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5 Reasons You Should Use HubSpot For Your Company's Marketing


HubSpot is a marketing automation/website building tool that is at the forefront of the inbound marketing movement.

I’ve personally developed websites using the HubSpot tool for the past few years and have fallen in love with all of the features that it offers.

There are a million reasons I could point to as to why I am enamored with HubSpot, both the company and the software, but here are my top reasons.

5 Reasons ROI Online Loves HubSpot

1. The HubSpot Culture

If you know anything about my team at ROI Online, you know we place a huge emphasis on company culture. I firmly believe it is one of the key reasons why we have grown as much as we have in the past few years.

hubspot-heart.pngAfter interacting with the team at HubSpot and also meeting tens of thousands of HubSpot users at their annual “Inbound” conference, it became evident HubSpot believes in the power of developing a strong company culture as well.

All of my interactions with people within the HubSpot community have been nothing short of extraordinary. Whether I was speaking to the CTO and CEO of the company or a marketing director who was attending a HubSpot conference for the first time out of curiosity, I have always had pleasant interactions with each and every one of the people I’ve met within the HubSpot community.

The people in this community are helpful, empathetic and passionate about inbound marketing and growing businesses.

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2. Ease Of Use

From marketing automation to web development, the HubSpot tools for implementing these vital marketing processes could not be easier to use. The company website plays an important role in a company’s overall marketing strategy, and HubSpot has thought of virtually everything when they merged the tech world with the marketing world.


Email workflows, web development, blog writing, marketing funnels, website analytics and a whole host of other features are available through HubSpot. Each is so intuitive to use thanks to the thought and care HubSpot used when building their platform.  

3. Excellent Tech Support

If by some chance there is something you might not quite understand about the HubSpot software, their tech support team and online documentation are superb.

There have been a few instances where I encountered an issue I could not solve myself and EVERY single time I’ve reached out to HubSpot I’ve been treated with so much respect that I felt like I was a member of their team and we were working to resolve the issue together. 

They never treated me like I was a burden to them. Not only were they always quick to address and solve the rare issues that may have arisen, but they also consistently made the effort to stay in touch until the issue was resolved.

This assurance from them shows the professionalism their team has and completely removes the fear that some marketing directors or non-tech people might have when reaching out to tech support. They are quite possibly the most accessible team I’ve ever interacted with, and oddly enough my office is located thousands of miles away from theirs.

4. The Number Of Features

I touched on this in reason No. 2 but I need to elaborate. HubSpot offers so many useful features that it's almost impossible to list them all.

My content team utilizes their tools daily to update websites, blogs, email content and more.

I am always working in the robust web development tool to build responsive, beautiful websites that are easily maintained.

My marketing team can seamlessly produce workflows and track important customer data.

There is a marketplace to find professional quality templates for a quick website or email turnaround.

Building error pages, contact forms, calls to actions that track real-time data, scheduling meetings, and myriad other features place HubSpot in a class of its own.

5. Inbound Conference

Inbound is one of the premier marketing conferences in the world. It's a week of fun, networking and education in the host city of Boston.

HubSpot knows how to throw parties like no one else, and the first Inbound conference I attended was the spark that ignited my passion for inbound marketing and HubSpot.  

I encourage all marketing professionals, designers and developers to attend Inbound at least once in your life. You will learn about upcoming marketing trends from high-level agencies, hear from speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk and Aziz Ansari, and network with thousands of fellow marketers from all over the world. All the while you will be exploring one of the most iconic cities in America.

The day our agency adopted HubSpot as our platform of choice is the day we chose to grow, succeed and innovate. We’ve had clients specifically choose us because we are a HubSpot agency and Gold Partner.

Gone are the days that we build Frankenstein systems for our clients. Gone are the headaches and frustrations. And gone are the days when our clients don’t see returns on their investments.

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