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5 Simple Email Marketing Workflows To Set Up ASAP


Automation is key to any successful email marketing campaign. The process of automation allows you to seamlessly and effectively nurture leads and interact with customers. Without the manual labor that traditional emailing requires, automation allows you to send a series of related emails (a workflow) that would otherwise be impossible.

Welcome-email2.pngLet’s start with five basic workflows you should set up right away.

The Welcome Email

You’ve succeeded in persuading a potential customer to subscribe to your blog or request a quote for your services. If you don’t take action right away, that lead could go cold.

Set up an automatic email in response to a sign-up, thanking them for taking an interest in your company. Additionally, use this opportunity to push leads farther into your sales funnel by:

  • Explaining the next step in the sales process
  • Directing them to content they may find useful
  • Encouraging them to visit your social media sites
  • Prompting them to respond to fill out a survey that gives insights into their needs

Offer-email.pngThe Offer Download

Creating a free offer in exchange for email addresses is an almost-guaranteed way to grow your subscriber list. The work doesn’t end there, though. Be sure you’ve created a thank-you email each person will receive once the download is complete.

In addition to thanking new leads for downloading your free content, take this time to set up a workflow related to the topic of interest. Sending out helpful, relevant emails on a regular basis increases the likelihood of future sales.

The Free Trial

When someone signs up for a free trial of a service you offer, it’s crucial to follow up. More than likely, that person will need further instructions on what steps to take next.

Make the transition as simple as possible if you want to turn leads into paying customers. Set up automated emails that give users step-by-step instructions in little bites at a time. Use video demonstrations, links to helpful resources, and other tools to enhance the process.

lead-nurturing-email.pngThe Lead Nurturing Process

Blogging and interacting with your target audience on social media are effective ways to increase brand awareness. But turning that brand awareness into sales takes more than posting a funny meme on Facebook.

Using automation, you can engage leads by emailing them about topics they’re interested in based on the blog posts and pages they’ve visited on your site.

The Re-Engagement

The days of past customers and old leads falling by the wayside are long gone. Now, you have no excuse to lose contact with these people. The right automated email workflow can reignite interest in your products.

Consider this workflow for people that:

  • Have an inactive account on your website
  • Made a purchase but haven’t been back
  • Received a free trial but never made it to the next step

With automation, you don’t have to watch leads slip through the cracks. Implement these five easy workflows to help you close leads and delight your customers.

Email marketing is just one piece of the internet marketing puzzle. Learn more about internet marketing!

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