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5 Types Of Launchpad Sites You Should Know About

Every website is unique. That being said, there is no a one-size-fits-all solution for building a website.

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With Growth-Driven Design, we have a toolkit of different methods we can use to take a customized approach to building the best website for you. Everyone's needs are different; what worked for our last client might not work for you. And here at ROI Online, we recognize every client is different. Just like their audiences.

Below, I’m going explain the five different types of launchpad sites that
can be used for your next website design project.

1. Refresh

You have a pretty solid site. Everything looks good and functions well, but it needs a little help. With a Refresh, we can build a strategy for the pages you have, as well as audit your existing pages for misalignment. This includes site architecture, design, content, sections or pages, and functionality

After we have built a strategy and analyzed the misalignments, we will begin working on the most impactful way to update and refresh the existing content.

From there, we can customize the templates to align with your brand. This helps us complete 75% of the upfront work quicker. Later, we will return to these pages and customize them even more. It’s important to note that in the beginning, we are just laying down a foundation.


2. Kickstart

With the Kickstart site, you get a new site but from preexisting assets or modules. Instead of having to build everything from scratch, we can use website, landing page, and module templates, many of which are available on the HubSpot Marketplace.

3. 80/20

The 80/20 method is based on your wishlist (the list of desired pages and features you’d like to see on your website). However, we will take this list one step further and perform an 80/20 analysis.

An 80/20 analysis is “what are the 20% of items on this list that will have 80% of the impact on the user’s challenges and the company’s goals?” Once you have identified the 20%, put those to the side and they will become the core of your launchpad site.

This helps you create a smaller site faster instead of getting sidetracked by the insignificant details. That 20% will attract leads faster since you can launch your site faster. Plus, you can roll out more pages in the continuous improvement phase.


4. Launch & Expand

With Launch & Expand, we work on deconstructing the site in stages that can be executed over time. The first stage consists of constructing all global website elements like the header, footer, site mapping, and visual design and branding.

In the next stage, we’ll launch all of the highest-impact pages or sections in batches.

For example, Phase 2 could be the top five most impactful pages, and Phase 3 could be the next five. Once the site is launched, all of the subsequent phases will be implemented during the continuous improvement stage. Before you know it, the entire website will be redesigned and you can shift the focus of your continuous improvement efforts to another part of the website performance roadmap.

5. Wise Investor

The last method to consider is the Wise Investor. Unlike the others, this one can and should be integrated into every launchpad site.

The goal of the Wise Investor method is to ensure your team is investing their precious time in the activities that will yield the best results. Take time away from low-impact activities and shift that time to higher-impact activities.

Start by looking at the goals you set in the strategy stage. Next, run an audit of the existing website content to understand how each section and page impacts your ability to get closer to your set goals.

Then, categorize the pages on your existing website into high, medium, and low-impact buckets based on their ability to impact your goals.

What’s Next?

These are the five methods you can use to accelerate the build of your launchpad website.

Once again, every website is different. Someone else’s solution probably won't work for you, but that’s no problem. You deserve a custom solution catered to your users' needs. They deserve the best experience, right?

Let us help you give it to them! Contact ROI Online today to schedule a free strategy session. We can help you design a sales and marketing machine that attracts leads and converts them into paying customers and brand advocates!

I Want Unlimited Warm Leads!