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5 Ways StoryBrand Changed My Perspective


During my two days at the StoryBrand Workshop in Nashville, I absorbed so much knowledge.

I left the workshop feeling inspired to not only tell ROI Online’s story but to also implement the methodology for each of my clients to ultimately help them grow their business.

It’s a great feeling to leave an event like this with new ideas, understanding and a revitalized energy to do amazing work.  

It was difficult to choose, but I’ve picked the top five lessons I learned from the StoryBrand Workshop.

1. The human brain LOVES a good story.

Speaking of the human brain, it is drawn to stories like a moth to a flame. People love to be communicated to via storytelling — that’s why storytelling platforms like movies, TV shows, books and music are so popular.

They excite us, they relax us, they comfort us. Therefore, the best way to communicate to your audience is through story.


2. Everyone wants to be the hero of their own story.

No one wants to feel like a supporting role in their own life. So if we truly want to connect with and communicate with our audience, we should position them as the hero, and our brand as their guide.

3. People buy solutions to internal problems over external problems.

If my external problem is I’m in need of new tennis shoes, but my internal problem is that I want to feel athletic enough to start a new workout routine, I’m going to buy some Nikes.


Why? Because Nike provides a solution to not only the external problem, but also the internal problem. Their brand messaging is inspiring and connects with my internal needs: Just Do It. You are strong and powerful and you are capable of achieving greatness.

4. We are all daydreamers.

The average human brain spends 30% of its time daydreaming.

Why? Because we’ve unconsciously decided that the messages being thrown at us are either unimportant or too difficult to understand. The best way to snap someone’s brain out of daydreaming mode is to present it with a story.The human brain is drawn to clarity, not confusion, StoryBrand founder, Don Miller (pictured above) said during the workshop.


5. It’s best to keep it simple, stupid.

As mentioned above, people are naturally drawn to clarity, not confusion.

When creating your brand messaging, you need to be crystal clear. Creating messaging with too much unnecessary information is going to send your audience into daydream mode fast.

Those are the top five lessons I took away from the StoryBrand Workshop. But I learned SO MUCH MORE than that.

If you are interested in StoryBrand and how it can improve your brand messaging, visit their website to sign up for an online course, workshop or a private workshop!


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