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6 Essential Traits To Look For When Hiring A Marketing Agency

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marketing-team-collaboration.jpgHiring a digital marketing agency is a big decision for many companies. It involves outsourcing a major part of the business to an outsider — and that is not a decision that can be taken lightly.

Hiring the wrong agency could have major implications for your company, both short and long-term.

So what traits should you be looking for in a marketing agency so you don't make the wrong choice?

What To Seek When Outsourcing Your Marketing

1. Focuses on you, the customer.

A digital marketing agency's main focus needs to be on identifying the customer's needs and working to fulfill them. They should care about their customers' success. 

2. Interested in building a collaboration.

Your company is your baby. You know it better than anyone. An agency needs to understand that. The relationship between a business and a marketing agency needs to be a collaboration, with one side having in-depth business knowledge and the other having up-to-date detailed marketing knowledge.

3. Brings in-depth talent to the table.

One of the best things your company gets when hiring a digital marketing agency is a complete marketing department with all the talent you need. The agency should have data analysts, business experts, marketing professionals, graphic designers, and all the other talent your campaign requires.

4. Willingness to share their knowledge and talent.

The best marketing companies seek to educate their clients. This helps build a more comprehensive collaboration and provides better results. If your current agency is not willing to share necessary knowledge, you need to look elsewhere.

5. Intimate knowledge of human behavior.

Marketing is a uniquely human venture. It builds on human nature and behavior. Successful marketing requires an intimate knowledge of how humans respond to various stimuli and how they behave in various situations.

6. Speed and accountability.

Today's business world is moving faster than ever and it requires marketers that can move with the same speed.

You need an agency that can move as quickly. While moving with great speed, the marketing agency must also have accountability for the hours they bill and the results they deliver.

How Can You Find Out If An Agency Is A Good Fit?

Before you hire an agency, take the time to see if they have the traits you require. Finding out if the agency has those traits can be a challenge unless you are already a client. However, here are a few ways you can get around that hurdle.

1. Check the agency's website.

The agency's website will tell you a lot about their culture and priorities. It will tell you if the agency is fun and friendly, or dead serious. It will tell you if they are results-driven or more laid-back.

2. Have a frank discussion about what your expectations are.

This is the kind of discussion you need to have with the agency's owner or the account representative, not a sales person. You need to lay out what your expectations are and ask if they can deliver. Make it clear that saying "no" is as acceptable as saying "yes."

3. Check the agency's references.

The agency should be able to give you several references or show you a portfolio of their work, such as case studies. Take the time to check them out. Ask questions about the agency's approach throughout the project and what results they delivered, versus what was promised.

Doing a bit of homework will tell you if the agency can meet your expectations and if they would be a good fit with your company. ROI Online can be that agency! Contact us today. Our team would love to chat and brainstorm with you!


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