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7 Deadly Sins of Digital Marketing Campaigns

We get it. You’re busy. But the internet is changing the world, and fast! That could be good news or bad news for your marketing department.

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to be agile and improve the efficacy of your marketing campaigns. The bad news is if you aren’t constantly moving, you’ll be left behind.

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Avoid these digital campaign sins to protect your marketing campaigns and your business.

Mistakes To Avoid In Your Digital Marketing Campaign

1. Not Clearly Defining Goals

Creating a campaign is great, but what about the goal? Determining a campaign's success depends on having a firm understanding of the purpose of your marketing activities.

Are you trying to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to your site or increase sales? Write these down and be specific about the type of metrics you will use to determine success.

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2. Not Connecting Marketing and Sales

Keep the lines of communication open. When sales and marketing work together, you can gain valuable insight into what your customers want.


You can also help your sales department become more efficient. Sales teams are great resources to help you develop content. What questions do they get asked all the time; what do customers rant or rave about; is there a piece of content or information that a sales rep frequently sends? Answering these questions can help you develop strong content and unite multiple departments.

3. Not Keeping Track of Your Assets

This one can get a bit tricky but it definitely has some huge downfalls.

When you have multiple people working on different campaigns, it’s easy to cross paths and not even know it. Keep track of special offers and be sure to remove them when they are no longer relevant. If your team is kept in the loop, you may be able to spend less time creating new offers by repurposing old ones.

4. Not Enough Nurturing

Too much selling and not enough nurturing could really hurt your conversion rates. When we spend too much time focusing on top of the funnel offers, we miss out on a huge amount of potential business!

Not all customers will be ready to immediately buy. As marketers, we need to spend just as much time developing relationships and nurturing customers down the funnel as we do attracting new prospects.

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5. Not Segmenting Your Audience

Do you talk to your grandma about the same things you talk to your best friend about? Probably not. So why would you talk to all of your potential customers the same way?


Segmenting your audience will help you produce content that speaks directly to that buyer persona. Find out what your target persona deems important, what they struggle with and how they research? This will help you create a better customer experience and increase conversion rates.

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6. Not Looking Ahead or Experimenting

Marketing is part science, part creativity. If you aren’t looking for more innovative or better ways to do things, you’ll get left behind.

Set aside part of your marketing budget and time to experiment with new channels, platforms and technologies. It could be a miss, but it could also be a huge hit that can easily be scaled.

7. Not Optimizing Campaigns

You have the metrics but what are you doing with them? Take some time to analyze your results and see where you can improve. This will help you increase conversion rates, reach new people and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Launching a digital marketing campaign is a daunting task. Avoiding these sins will help you implement and optimize your marketing efforts.

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