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7 Marketing Blogs to Bookmark

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In an industry that is always changing, it can be hard to keep up. If you don’t have time to stay on top of every new trend, no problem. There’s a jillion of online marketing professionals whose job is to do just that — keep you in-the-know about everything. However, the internet is saturated with blogs about SEO, blogging, mobile marketing, social media and more, so which ones are you supposed to read?

To become a true hybrid marketer, you must educate yourself in every realm of the industry. Since you don’t have the time (or probably patience) to sift through every single blog, we thought we’d compile a list of our favorite marketing blogs. Check them out, bookmark them, and also tell us what some of your go-to blogs are!

Here are our Top 7 marketing blogs!

  1. HubSpot: HubSpot’s marketing blog offers a wealth of knowledge on every topic under the online marketing sun, whether you are a newbie or a buff. From landing page and logo design to blogging techniques and mobile marketing stats, HubSpot has you covered. You can also download a number of free resources, such as blog and infographic templates and tutorials. HubSpot's Agency blog is also an excellent read. Blogs are created by HubSpot but are geared toward agency organization and culture. Inbound.org, which also falls under the HubSpot umbrella, isn’t a blog, per se, but more along the lines of a social networking site for marketers where you can share advice, carry on discussions and ask questions.
  2. Medium: Medium is a blogging platform with a strong focus on the tech side of the industry. Look to Medium for a more personal approach to the world of social media and tech.
  3. Content Marketing Institute: The Content Marketing Institute’s blog provides all you need to know about content strategy, branding content, blogging, producing long-form content, and more. Even if content marketing is not your cup of tea, there's definitely much knowledge glean from this industry leader’s blog.
  4. Buffer: If you love social media, we highly recommend the Buffer blog. The tone is casual and fun, and the topics tackled are often very relatable to the everyday marketer. But Buffer isn’t restricted to the social media world. It’s peppered with blogs about content marketing as well.
  5. Copy Hackers: Writer’s block, anyone? If you are the wordsmith of your company, the Copy Hacker blog is about to become your new BFF. These people know what they are talking about, and it’s as if they suffer the same quandaries. Copy Hacker’s goal is to help you write content that attracts, converts and delights. If you are the writer for your business, you know all too well that this often easier said than done.
  6. Distilled: While primarily centered on SEO best practices and trends, the Distilled blog also offers a treasure trove of industry buzz and information. What’s so great about Distilled is that while these are industry professionals, it feels like you are getting advice from your peers.
  7. KISSmetrics: Who doesn’t love poring over analytics and data? Even if this isn’t your area of expertise, KISSmetrics' blog makes, well, metrics, easy to understand with its step-by-step guides and cool infographics. KISSmetrics has all you need to know about conversion and A/B testing.


Which marketing blogs would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments section below!

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