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7 Sales Promotion Strategies That Will Ensure Your Business Takes Off

Sales promotions are one of the most efficient ways to enhance sales, customer happiness, and brand exposure, as successful businesses are aware. No matter your industry or the size of your organization, there are sales promotion strategies that can work for you as well. 

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Sales promotions have been utilized for decades with tremendous success. In order to assist you, we are here. We'll walk you through some excellent suggestions for sales promotions.

What Is Sales Promotion?

One of the B2B marketing strategies employed by retailers to draw in new clients, re-engage existing ones, and increase overall sales by creating demand is sales promotion. 

This is accomplished via a range of tactics and rewards, such as percentage discounts, free samples, competitions, freebies, and other marketing concepts. Additionally, the buyers can be informed of these promotions using a range of media, such as videos, image-based advertisements, and even print advertisements.

Sales promotion campaigns are essential for boosting sales and increasing brand enthusiasm. This is because they encourage repeat business from clients, which helps you increase brand loyalty.

Sales Promotion Examples

Sales Promotion Examples

1. Google My Business Offer Posts

You may perform promotions on your Google business listing, did you know that? 

You may produce four distinct types of social posts using your Google My Business account dashboard: 

  • Offers
  • Updates
  • Events
  • Products

Also, you can publish an offer or deal straight on your business profile by using the "Add Offer" post type.

Customers who locate your business on Google Maps and Search—often when they have the highest intent—can now see your advertisement. A Google My Business campaign can increase your website's traffic in addition to increasing conversions.

2. Personalize Using Sales Promotion Discounts

One of the strongest strategies for increasing conversions and lowering the rate of cart abandonment is personalization. While this needs careful setup, you may set up your email marketing software to remind customers when they've left items in their shopping carts, along with a coupon code to pique their interest and encourage a purchase.

By providing them a discount voucher for comparable goods or categories based on their recent purchase, you may also tailor what they buy next. 

For instance, you could send a customer who bought anything from the infant category a personalized coupon for 10% off the baby category on their subsequent purchase.

3. Live Streaming

Live Streaming

The next ground-breaking idea you'll incorporate into your marketing plan is live video streaming. A potential worth $1 billion exists in video content marketing. Your audience has to be informed before the main live streaming event by utilizing a professional live streaming solution like OneStream Live

Create teaser content and post it to your social media accounts (don't forget to add a catchy caption). Starting your pre-event marketing effort at least two weeks before the live video streaming is recommended.

Sales Promotion Best Practices

Consider B-day Promotions for Building Brand Loyalty

Campaigns for birthdays are a particular kind of tailored sales promotion that improves client loyalty. They should unquestionably be a part of your marketing campaign. You might wish your customers a happy birthday and provide special rates or discounts on birthdays.

Personalized marketing efforts are crucial for creating more interested consumers who will place repeat orders. Many companies offer shoppers gift cards, special discounts, or coupon codes that can be used online or in-store.

Checkout Discounts Drive Spontaneous Buying Decisions 

Automatically applied discounts at the checkout attract clients and cause them to make impulsive purchases. To activate the discount, many customers will add additional goods to their cart, which raises the average number of purchases and boosts sales for a tiny percentage discount. 

Cart level discounts are ideal for flash sales and A/B testing for Facebook advertisements. This is because they allow you to quickly learn a lot about the kind of incentives that customers would choose to use.

The best part is that buyers don't need to take any action in order to notice an immediate price reduction. It will boost their pleasure with the purchase and raises the likelihood that they'll make a second one.

Offering a discount will not make a significant impact on your budget, but it is a smooth strategy to maximize conversion. Since the invention of commerce, one thing has never changed: we all like to save up when making a purchase.

Offer Free Samples

Offer Free Samples

Offering free samples to everyone, regardless of whether they make a purchase. By doing so you will introduce customers to things they may not have previously considered and frequently encourage them to make a purchase.

Have you had something you're trying to sell? Distribute samples! This is most effective with food stores, but spas and salons can also utilize it with sample lotions, perfumes, or aromatherapy items. People like products they can experience before buying, to put it simply.

Use Videos to Highlight Your End-of-season Sale

Customers are typically ready to buy because seasonal sales take place at specified times of the year when they are already seeking for deals. End-of-season sales can assist you in moving out older goods and getting rid of some inventory, while summer or winter sales are excellent for promoting seasonal clothing.

Instead of utilizing static photographs for your sales, consider employing video promos to help you stand out from the competition and present a 360-degree view of your products.

Employ Telemarketing 

Telemarketing call centers may not have the same allure as foraying into the world of social media, but they are still an essential tool for growing your company.

You might be wondering if telemarketing is still relevant in the modern world. Telemarketing contact centers should be included in your sales mix when you're looking to advertise a special deal, boost client happiness, and drive revenue for your product or service.

Lifestyle Discounts

Lifestyle Discounts

Discounts that are exclusive to a certain profession, age category, or population are known as lifestyle discounts. Even though you can run these promotions all year long, you should also make the most of the months and days of the year that are reserved for particular demographics. 

For instance, back-to-school sales are excellent September promotions, whereas National Senior Citizens Day occurs in August. 

Watch out for these monthly marketing themes on your calendar so you can plan your promotions well in advance and get the most out of them!

StoryBrand Marketing

Customers have experiences thanks to stories. While considering their alternatives, the customer is creating their narrative in their head. Marketers can use stories in their marketing messaging to sway the choices of their target audience.

The utilization of accessible, straightforward stories that are delivered in plain language is what makes the StoryBrand approach to marketing so revolutionary. Making your marketing copy feel narrative-like is the goal. In your marketing, share an engaging and sympathetic tale to draw in more leads and customers than ever.

Final Thoughts

A combination of smart promotion concepts, effective consumer tracking, and lots of testing are required for a sales promotion campaign to be successful. But sometimes, if you want to make big sales and things just aren’t working, make changes to your promos if necessary! Only then will you be able to locate something that benefits your brand; it will definitely be worth it.


Nina Petrov is a content marketing specialist, passionate about graphic design, content marketing, and the new generation of green and social businesses. She starts the day scrolling her digest on new digital trends while sipping a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. Her white little bunny tends to reply to your emails when she is on vacation.

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