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9 Simple Ways to Create a More Productive Work Environment

There is no denying that our environment impacts our productivity. So, whether you are in an office or an empty corner in your bedroom, you must have a conducive work environment.

Unfortunately, many of us struggle to stay focused on our work, and having instant access to Netflix certainly doesn’t help. So how can you keep the momentum going regardless of the distractions surrounding you?

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In this post, we will share nine simple ways you can have a productive work environment.


Make the Workspace Functional

If you want a productive work environment, the first thing you should consider is your space's functionality. And when we say "functionality," we mean ensuring that all you need is within reach and that you can move freely.

Your workspace should be fulfilling your most basic needs in the office. Otherwise, it's not going to work and will be in the way most of the time.

For example, you can have space where you can work peacefully, but it should be spacious enough to entertain guests. Something as basic as this is essential in ensuring that your workspace is genuinely functional.

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Clean the Office Regularly

A clean environment can boost work productivity. Whether it's a work environment or a home environment, it will always benefit people when you keep it clean regularly.


When you're at home, a clean home makes it more relaxing. When at work, a clean workplace feels more productive and efficient. Therefore, you should make sure to clean the office regularly.

If you don't care enough to clean the office regularly, it can be a sign of a lack of professionalism. It will make your employees feel less motivated, and it can even make sickness spread around the office faster.

When more people are sick, the less productive the entirety of the office becomes. That's why you should clean the office regularly.

You don’t have to tackle cleaning on your own. A service like Maid Sailors Hoboken Cleaning Service can help you maintain a clean workspace without the extra stress.


Add Some Green

Greeneries in the workplace add freshness and brightness to the office, making it more appealing to your employees. Indoor plants can also help improve air quality.

Hand of a woman wiping work desk, close-up.

When the workplace is appealing to stay in, people will be more comfortable there even when waiting for a long time. At the same time, it isn't demotivating or depressing to work. That's because it looks livelier.

Succulents are great options for offices with indirect light. If you don’t have access to windows, low-maintenance air plants can add some green.


Adjust the Temperature, Air Quality, and Lighting

Speaking of air quality, you should care about aspects of your working environment that aren't as obvious. This can be the temperature, air quality, and lighting situation.

You want your office to be at a comfortable temperature for everyone. It should be easy to breathe in it, and it should be bright. All of this is to ensure that everyone is comfortable enough in the office.

No one thing should be catering to a specific group of people alone, so it may be a good idea to test a few things out until you get to a happy medium.


Provide the Right Tools and Equipment

If you're dreaming of a productive working environment, you first need to make sure that you provide the right tools and equipment. Ensure that you have what you need to work comfortably so back or neck pain is one less distraction to juggle.

Some of the office equipment you need to invest in would be ergonomic office furniture like a desk or chair. Wrist support can help reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tools don't only come in a physical form. Don't forget to consider digital tools, such as sales productivity apps or digital communication apps. A productivity app doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. In some cases, having a suitable to-do list app can make all the difference in one's workflow.

For communication, apps like Google Chat and Slack can help you stay connected with coworkers and clients when you work miles away.


Offer Support and Set Realistic Goals

If you want to make your working environment more productive for employees, you should start by looking inwards first.

Have you created an atmosphere and culture that could be conducive to productivity in the first place? Do you offer a welcoming support system in the workplace? Do you set realistic goals?

Business goal and success concept. Businessman drawing flag and mountain on chalkboard.

You can't expect people to be more productive in your workplace if you don't create the mental atmosphere that can create productivity. You want to make sure that you encourage your team to stay productive without overwhelming them. You can start by looking at the work things you take for granted, like your employees' time.

You can be more productive in a realistic manner by looking at how you conduct meetings and whether you conduct effective meetings. You shouldn't expect your employees to attend a meeting all the time at your whim.

You have to make sure that the meeting is needed. Otherwise, you're wasting your time and their time, leading to a genuinely unproductive time.


Minimize Noise

Noise can be a considerable distraction and annoyance, especially when you're focused on work. That's why you should take steps to reduce noise levels in your workplace if possible. 

The caveat with an open floor plan is that you cannot minimize noise. Hence, you should have a closed space dedicated to employees who opt to work in peace. 

If you are stuck with open spaces, or a neighborhood dog barks 24/7, there are still steps you can take. Try noise-proof headphones, white noise machines to drown out extraneous noise, or leave music running in the background. You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make.


Encourage Wellness

When you work in an office that encourages people to maintain their wellness, it will make people more productive. A fit body is going to be a huge help in maintaining the level of motivation and productivity. 

Some offices have found that taking on a four-day workweek as a matter of fact in their workplace has made employees a lot more productive. It shows that encouraging and caring for the wellness of your team doesn't have to mean that you need to take a hit in your office's overall productivity.


Show Appreciation

Last but not least, if you're a leader in the workplace in any way, you shouldn't be stingy with the praises. A little encouragement and appreciation go a long way. Sometimes, they may seem like words that are not a big deal to you, but they can motivate your employee for a long time.

Of course, you shouldn't be stating hollow words either. Make sure your praise is genuine and warranted, or it may not have the impact you’re hoping for.

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Get Back to Enjoying Working from Home or the Office

A productive work environment is not about running your employees ragged or beating yourself up when you get distracted. It's about creating a comfortable working environment that makes it easier to get things done. 

Whether you’re an employer trying to help your team work their best or an employee trying to make the most of your home office, the tips listed above will help you build a productive work environment. 

Raymond Chiu is the Director of Operations for Maid Sailors Commercial Cleaning Service New York, a top-rated office cleaning service provider. Matched with affordable prices, we can address even the toughest cleaning needs and can turn your workplace into a healthy, safe, and employee-friendly environment.

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