An Inside Look At HubSpot's Free Email Tool For Small Business Owners

HubSpot drag and drop editor features

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about HubSpot’s free CRM. (If you haven’t, be sure to check out this blog from my co-worker Zeke. You can read all about it, along with 4 other reasons you should be using HubSpot).

Well, HubSpot just made the deal a whole lot sweeter.

As of July, HubSpot CRM users are now able to create contact lists and send up to 2,000 emails per month, all with an easy to use and efficient email editor. For FREE.

That’s right. FREE. 

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For a small business owner with a tight budget, this is huge! No more paying for five different tools just to create a polished email series. Now, you can do it all in one place, without breaking the bank.

But what exactly is included in this deal, and is it really worth the investment? Let’s take a closer look at how your small business can use the HubSpot CRM and its free email add-on to create better content.

HubSpot + Drag & Drop Editor = No More Ugly Emails

If you aren’t familiar with it yet, the HubSpot Drag & Drop email editor has been all the buzz in the HubSpot community. It’s a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. The acronym might be a mouthful, but the editor itself is incredibly easy to use and lets you make visually stunning sites on the fly. (We also wrote a blog about that a few months ago as well you can check out here.)

The WYSIWYG editor helps you stand above the rest. With just a few easy edits, you can make sharp-looking email templates that set you apart from the other guys. Your in-team designer can create plenty of unique layouts and structures, with no coding required.

If you aren’t a designer (or don’t have the bandwidth to hire one), no problem. HubSpot has a bunch of pre-made email templates to choose from. They also have from-scratch templates you can use to flesh out an idea.

The best part is: You can also do all of this without having to hire a designer or an IT person to create emails for you. All the power is now in your hands!

HubSpot drag and drop editor features

You Can Create Copycat Emails To Save More Time

Tired of writing the same kinds of emails from scratch? In the HubSpot email editor, you can make one email use the clone button to copy it. Your original remains unchanged, and you have another email ready to go! This is great for plugging in new content for newsletters, product updates, or whatever else you send emails for.

If you’re sick of sending the same welcome email over and over, HubSpot’s got a fix for that, too. Just make a template and set up some personalization tokens. Then you can reuse the same content every time you need it! 

Here is an example of a template we set up in a client portal. We designed and created the perfect new customer email. Any time the client needs to reach out to a new customer, they just click clone. 

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You Can Add An Extra Level Of Personalization

Speaking of personalization tokens, it’s crucial to ensure your emails feel personal, even if you’re sending the same content to a list of thousands. Using personalization tokens from the HubSpot CRM is another way to take your emails to the next level.

On the templates you create, you can set up personalization tokens to make the reader feel like this email was meant just for them. Email subscribers are real people, like you and me. We should treat them like such!

Personalization helps increase opens and click-throughs! A recent stat from eConsultancy says that 74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases customer engagement. They’re an easy way for you to add a personal touch to your content and improve your email performance, and they’re included in the free HubSpot email editor.

For the client mentioned above, the personalization tokens in the email template automatically update depending on the delivery address, so the new customer feels like the email was created just for them. It’s a good idea to include personalization tokens in the subject line of your template emails for this very reason.

The Tools Help You Get The Most Out Of Your HubSpot Account

Well, there you have it! The new WYSIWYG editor included in HubSpot’s free CRM is an excellent tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but smaller companies, in particular, will get a lot of use out of it. The paid versions of HubSpot’s sales tools offer even more benefits, of course. But if you aren’t ready to invest in an in-depth sales software, the free CRM is a great place to start.

Want to learn more about how to get better engagement from your emails, the HubSpot CRM, or your overall marketing strategy?

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