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Custom Audiences: A Game Changer For Your Facebook Advertising Strategy


In the world of digital marketing, the expectation is to convert as many customers at the lowest cost possible. Obviously, many marketers can attest that this is much easier said than done.

I Want Unlimited Warm Leads!

Before a user will convert, several things have to happen:

  1. Discovery. Becoming aware of the business/product and learning more about the business/product.
  2. Engagement/Orbiting. Returns to the website to view more content/products and share with others.
  3. Evaluation/Consideration. Shows more interest in business/brand by requesting more information, downloading offers, etc.
  4. Conversion. Cha-ching.

Essentially, a relationship that poses value must be established prior to a conversion taking place. When accomplishing this undertaking, online advertising (particularly remarketing) can shorten this timeline and offer a long-term relationship with customers.

An Introduction To Custom Audiences

So how does this work? Introducing Custom Audiences, one of my new favorite toys! Although Facebook Audiences has been around for a while, new features continue to roll out to offer marketers better strategies to reach interested end users. Here are some examples of how to remarket to end users when using Facebook advertising.

Customer List

When remarketing offers or promotions, never count out your current customer list. In this case, remarketing can be used to delight your current customers and foster long-lasting relationships.

All you have to do is copy and paste (as seen below) an email list from your CRM and Facebook will cross-reference to actual profiles (as seen below).



From there, you have the flexibility to extend exclusive products/features to customers, or you can exclude them from an advertisement specifically targeting new sign-ups. Either way, having a customer audience is a must for maximizing lifetime value and creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Website Visitors

Another great way to nurture relationships is remarketing to your previous website visitors. In this tool, you can customize these segmented audiences based on specific pages they have visited within a certain amount of days. With this audience selection, the options are endless.


As seen above, you can target people who have been to some pages but not others, (i.e. people have seen the product page but not the thank-you page). Or maybe you want to re-engage previous website visitors who haven’t been to the website in the past couple of weeks. Taking this into consideration as a strategy has proven to be very successful. When trying this for ourselves, we saw a 32% decrease in CPC, and CTRs doubled!

Another method for leveraging website visitor audiences is to segment content based off of category, intent, etc. Similar to a nurture drip that you leverage through email, content can be remarketed to users based on content they’ve visited on your website.

Offering an eBook or whitepaper that is related to previously viewed content (blog article, product page) creates a personalized and highly relevant experience for that end user. Furthermore, this tactic can help move someone from the Discovery Phase further down the funnel.

In closing, remarketing and custom audiences are a fun and strategically sound tool to use in your Facebook strategy. If you haven’t even started using them, I highly encourage you to do so!

Overall, custom audiences allow for more personalized marketing that minimizes advertising waste. See for yourself on your next campaign!


I Want Unlimited Warm Leads!