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Employee Spotlight: Ashley Godfrey

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Meet Ashley Godfrey, our princess llama social media girl, professionally known as ROI Online's social media coordinator. Ashley has graced ROI with her fun-loving spirit for a little over a year now, and only spent three of those months mute. We’re still wondering how she was such an introvert, but here we are...

Ashley, a native of Canyon, Texas, obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from West Texas A&M University.

Starting as a Fashion Merchandising major, Ashley knew she wanted to be in the business world. Although you could say that fashion is her first calling, she chose marketing as a career because of its semi-perfect mix of creativity and business. 

As social media coordinator, Ashley is in charge of all the social media that goes on at ROI. That includes posting blog messages, curating content and making sure clients are on the proper platforms.

She enjoys social media because it allows her to tell the world her jokes without having people know it's actually her. She loves her position because it’s constantly evolving, challenging and also a great creative outlet. She also appreciates how rewarding it can be when a client has gained major traffic from social media that impacts their brand.

Being a social media coordinator includes a lot of planning, researching and wit. Check out Ashley’s blog for managing multiple accounts, here!


Other than her affinity for llamas, SpongeBob, reality TV and nachos, Ashley loves all things fashion. She's come a long way dressing her sister’s Barbies. 

Since Ashley chose to change her career path from fashion merchandising to marketing, she needed some way to allow her to still express her fashion sense. After experimenting with Instagram and receiving positive feedback, she decided to start a fashion blog, Pieces of Ash.

Although her blog is still a work in progress, working at ROI has helped her become a better blogger. Whether it is learning to code simple things to prioritizing tasks, her job at ROI provides her with an outlet for professional and personal growth.

Little unknown secret about Ashley — she actually prefers to be called Ash. She also enjoys playing with her critters, Rupert Stew and Regina George.


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