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Employee Spotlight: Daniel Martinez


Hey there. I’m Daniel, graphic designer and part of the Creative Department at ROI Online. I was born in El Paso, Texas, and raised in between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, so I was exposed to a unique culture where the common language is Spanglish and our food is a perfect representation of it: Mexican burgers, Mexican hot dogs, and burritos. Basically, we ate a lot of Mexican-ized American food.

Growing up in Ciudad Juarez at a time when it was considered the most violent city in the world taught me to find beauty in the midst of chaos; as a result, my passion for design and art was born.

I started designing at the age of 16 without even knowing that it would turn into a career. I started that journey creating posters for my neighbor’s rock band and later branding my own band, as well as designing merch and promo material.

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I entered college in the fall of 2008 in hopes to earn my degree in education. I later realized graphic design was my true passion. After moving to Dumas, Texas, I decided to pursue it and enrolled in Amarillo College. There, I met amazing designers and great people who have inspired me and shown me that talent is everywhere and not just in metropolitan areas. Proof of that is Derek Weathersbee and JP Bernal, whom I not only share a love for design with but also a passion for music.

Before joining ROI, I gained experience designing for local newspapers, print shops, and another marketing and branding agency, expanding my knowledge and diving into the marketing world. Here at ROI, I have earned several certifications through HubSpot, including inbound marketing, HubSpot marketing software, and client management. I’m continually growing and educating myself.

At ROI, learning and education is part of our DNA, which is one of the keys to our success. I can proudly say I work with an amazingly talented group of sales and marketing experts who also happen to be great people.

I spend most of my free time on music-related activities such as playing guitar, practicing with my church’s worship team, building effects pedal with my dad or planning to take over the effects pedal world with friends.

You can see some of my work here.

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