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Employee Spotlight: Drew Belle Elsey


Meet Drew Belle Elsey, ROI Online’s Content Director and professional spell checker. She was born and bred in the Deep South but has been out West for nearly 10 years. Despite her best efforts, her Louisiana accent still likes to come out, especially after a beer or two. While she appreciates the lack of mosquitoes and sweltering humidity, she desperately misses fresh seafood.

After living in Amarillo for five years, Drew moved to the Mile High City. And not for the reasons you may think! She now works remotely out of her home. 

She graduated from the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University with a Journalism degree and an English minor, where she also wrote for her college newspaper, The Daily Reveille.

If there’s anything Drew loves more than reading and annoying her teammates with useless pop culture references, it’s her dogs, Eleanor Rigby and Buddy.

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Drew has been with ROI for five years. On her first day, all she knew how to do was write and edit, but today, she considers herself an experienced content marketer, copywriter, and content strategist. She’s also put up with Steve Brown’s bad jokes for that long, too, so she’s very proud of that accomplishment.

In addition to being HubSpot Certified, Inbound Certified, Content Marketing Certified, and Email Marketing Certified through HubSpot, she is also a StoryBrand Certified Guide and Copywriter. 


When Drew isn’t working, she’s either volunteering her time with the Junior League of Denver , taking care of her needy canines and flourishing collection of houseplants, or traveling the world with her husband. Oh, and also putting off writing her book!

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