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Employee Spotlight: Sarah Kreusel


Hi there, my name is Sarah Kreusel. Yes, you guessed it, I’m the new girl on the block.

I recently moved back to Amarillo after being away for the past five years. I spent the latter three of those years living near Dallas, earning my B.S. in Marketing from Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

But, the big city and all of its glory couldn’t hold me down; West Texas was calling me home. I was worried I wouldn’t find a career-growing marketing job anywhere in West Texas, but that was until I heard about ROI Online.

I have always loved absorbing information. I never thought of myself as a nerd until I went to college and realized how much I enjoyed my school and learning. I couldn’t get enough! One of my favorite classes actually turned out to be my marketing research class. 

nerd alert

What really drew me to ROI Online is its desire to have all its employees continually learn and train in different aspects of marketing, sales, and technology. Since joining ROI, I have become certified in both HubSpot and Inbound, among other HubSpot certifications.

I have experience in working with project management, content creation, communication, and research through leading projects with many non-profit organizations in the Dallas area. I am so excited to have the opportunity to continue doing what I love with ROI Online!

Besides living life in my dream career field, I enjoy being outdoors and active. I’ve also been told I spend way too much time in coffee shops, reading (I am convinced my coffee addiction will be my cause of death).

I enjoy spending time with my family so it’s a good thing there aren’t too many of us…

That’s right… I have 9 SIBLINGS!!


Fun fact: Since I grew up with so many brothers (seven to be exact), we played a lot of sports (that is where I get my super competitive and driven nature) and thanks to all of that practice, I was actually offered a basketball scholarship. I didn’t take it, but I sometimes wonder if I could have been the female version of M.J. (AKA the real G.O.A.T.)

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