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Weekly Mashup: Facebook's World Domination & Instagram's New App

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Weekly-Mashup_blogIf you've ever had any suspicions that Facebook was planning to take over the world, you better place your apocalyptic bets ASAP. 

The social network king announced a barrage of changes at its annual F8 Developer Conference this week and it has become clearer than ever the Facebook CEO is not one to underestimate.

Facebook's F8 Rundown

Soon, Facebook Messenger is going to be so much more than chats and annoying group messages filled with superfluous emojis. Zuckerberg said users will be able to send music, photos and GIFS as well as integrate with third-party apps.

The social network will also launch Messenger Business, in which consumers will have the ability to directly message a business, check shipping status and make reservations. What makes this so convenient is that consumers will personally chat with companies’ customer service representatives and (hopefully) receive quick responses.

Facebook is making some pretty cool video updates, too. Zuckerberg demonstrated a new immersive spherical video feature to conference attendees. The 360-degree native videos shot with 24 high-resolution cameras will appear in your News Feed. People will be able to view them through virtual reality headsets, like the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift.

Also in Facebook videos news, the network has unveiled a new social plugin that allows you to embed Facebook-hosted videos on other sites.

Oh, and one laslayout-instagram

t thing: Facebook’s Timehop twin, On This Day, will give users a glimpse into their past. The nostalgic feature, which will highlight status updates and photos from exactly one year past on the current date, will roll out globally over the next week or so.

Laying It Out

Enough about FB. Instagram has created its very own collage app, called Layout. With Layout, users can choose up to nine different photos and merge their pics into one image. It organizes photos into three sections: all, photos with faces, and recents.

While there are a few cool features, there isn’t anything that’s necessarily novel about Layout; however, it’s a smart move for Instagram.

One in five active Instagram users upload collages via other apps. Launching a standalone app will keep Instagram users engaged and slashes a bit of the competition, like Stitch and Diptic. Layout is currently available for iOS; the Android version is expected to come out in the not-too-distant future.

That’s it for ROI Online’s Weekly Mashup. Check back next week for the latest and greatest in tech, social media and marketing news!

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