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From Around Inbound 2015


From Brene Brown and Seth Godin to Aziz Ansari, Amy Schumer and Chelsea Clinton – where can we possibly begin to tell you about Hubspot’s Inbound 2015 Conference? We’ll spare you the details of the exciting dance moves spurred on by cocktails, and we’ll instead fill you in on the breakout sessions, keynotes, and some of our biggest takeaways. 

Company Culture

I know, I know. We love to talk company culture at ROI Online and it’s NO secret how important it is to us. With that said, of course we have to add to it. Here’s what we can add to our company culture after this year’s HubSpot Inbound Conference: 


Responsibility is something everyone has but not all take advantage of it. Many of us often wait for authority to be given to us, instead of taking the responsibility upon ourselves. It’s now important that we run with our responsibilities and take advantage of tasks that we see need to be done. So, instead of waiting for the responsibility to be given to you, take the responsibility and run with it! If you wait on others to perform, you’ll be drug down with the rest.


Who invited these guys to your 8 a.m. meeting? No one. But they exist, invited or not. And at some point, you have to recognize the elephant in the room. Everyone takes actions, reactions and conversations and makes up scenarios in their head. Whether it’s how an office mate hates your guts, how your boss is planning your demotion, or how everyone in the meeting is plotting to fire you, we all do it. We take our coworker’s actions and make up stories in our head that justify their actions – and it needs to stop. Like, yesterday. It’s the worst, and it drives wedges between employees at work. So, talk about your feelings, and tell your coworkers your made-up stories. You need to for your sanity, and in the end, for their sanity, too. 


Be vulnerable. Every adventure you take will mean one thing: you WILL FAIL. And you will fail hard. And it will suck. Embrace it, look for change, adjust and move forward. You will feel

vulnerable and you will feel ashamed. But none of these feelings compare to the way regret feels at the end of the day. Fail a thousand times over and accept the vulnerability that comes with it, because if you’re doing what you’re passionate about, you will always feel vulnerable.

HubSpot’s Inbound 2015 was nothing short of awesome. It has never failed to impress the ROI crew in the past and we’re certain our love for inbound marketing will only continue to grow, as does our love for HubSpot. We are so anxious to put what we’ve learned to work and apply our new techniques on a day to day basis.

Fill us in on what you loved most about this year’s Inbound Conference in the comments below.


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