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Get Inspired To Create Your Website With StoryBrand Website Examples

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Websites are a necessary part of any business, big or small. They're the online face of your company and need to be designed in a way that represents your brand and engages prospective customers.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the task of creating a website, don't worry - you're not alone! There are plenty of inspiring examples out there to help get you started.

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In this blog post, we'll take a look at some effective StoryBrand website examples and offer some tips on how you can create websites that communicate value proposition to your audience. So read on to get inspired and excited about creating your new website!

When you're creating a business website, it's important to keep the story of your brand in mind. The story relates back to why your business exists and what value you offer to a customer's life. This story should be reflected throughout your design elements, from images and headlines down to colors and fonts.

Remember: story branding is about having a clear message! If your story isn't clear on your website, potential customers will lose interest very quickly so make sure everything you put on there reflects why people should buy from you.

The first great example is the StoryBrand website itself. It's easy for companies who are new to story branding or have changed their story since they started their company to feel discouraged if their old site doesn't reflect their story.

Thanks to the story of their brand, even if it's not on their new site, StoryBrand has built up a tonne of trust with customers after being in business for over 20 years - you can see that reflected through testimonials and awards across the homepage. They've also got an incredible story about how the story branding process helped them win Oprah's best entrepreneur award, which is cleverly told throughout the site so you know exactly what to expect when working with them. The story they tell on their website is clear-cut and focused, letting prospective clients know why they should choose StoryBrand as their story partner.

Another example is from one of our recent clients, The Resurge Clinic. Their website design is simple yet effective, letting visitors immediately know who they are and what they do through the story of their brand. They've used crisp, clear images that are in line with the story of their company to reflect their trustworthy, honest values.


Additionally, they tell a story with a few words about how story branding has helped them grow their business which gives potential customers an idea of what working with them could be like.

Our work with Mindstate® Group is also one of our favorites. Mindstate, like StoryBrand, offers a unique approach to marketing and it has worked for a lot of their clients.


Will Leach, the founder of Mindstate actually hosts a show with our founder Steve Brown on Youtube called The Mindstate Marketing Hour. Small plug, check it out, you'll love it if you're into effective marketing approaches.

Their website clearly communicates the kind of results their customers are looking for. The CTAs throughout the website are consistent, the wireframe creates a good story structure, and the three-step plan lands the message in such an impactful way.

also from our previous clients, Windura. For this site, we leaned in on the success story their customers want to see. Windows are there to protect the home as well as provide a good amount of natural light. Instead of giving the customer a lot of information about how awesome Windura is, the message in this website is more customer-centric.


You can see most of the information you need from the home page, and it communicates the kind of business customers want to trust.

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What Makes StoryBrand Websites Stand Out

In a sea full of websites, to be a successful business owner, you need a website that stands out from the competition. What makes storybrand websites stand out from other websites?

A StoryBrand Website puts the customer first. It invites the customer into a story of transformation and paints a picture of their success at first glance. It's so common to see websites these days that speak endlessly about how awesome their brands are without highlighting the solutions they're offering to their customers.

If you want to create a website with a clear messaging that puts customers first, hire a StoryBrand Certified Guide and let them do the heavy lifting in creating your brand's website.

The StoryBrand website examples we gave all follow the same wireframe. The reason storybrand websites are different is that every site follows the same story structure that storybrand uses in its digital marketing strategy. This story structure is based on a storyform which has a beginning, middle and end just like a movie screenplay.

How Can I Create a Business Website That Will Inspire Trust?

Your business is only as good as the results you can produce. The website examples we listed here all establish their brand's trust through reviews and logos of companies they've worked with - you can apply this principle for your business websites as well!

The StoryBrand Framework teaches us that one of the best ways to establish trust is to communicate to your customers with empathy and authority. Be the kind of brand that understands their problems and let them know that you're willing to help them out because you've done it before.

Let them know how easy it is to work with your brand, help them avoid failure, and paint a picture of their success.


Why Storybrand Website Examples are Different From Other Web Design Guides

Web designers are good at making your website look great. But a good-looking website is not even half the battle.

When your customer shows up in your business' website, you better display the message they want to see. The StoryBrand approach helps your website stand out because it simplifies your message, making it clear for your prospects how you can help solve their problems.

How To Apply The StoryBrand Framework to Your Website's Messaging

Creating a compelling website is hard. You want to communicate your unique value proposition in a unique way. Here are some tips on how you can apply the StoryBrand Framework to your website's copy today.

- Standard messaging is boring and forgettable. An effective story makes people feel like they belong and that their purpose is meaningful.

- The best way to stick with people is through an emotional and authentic communication. That means every sentence has a single clear message and the intended emotional response (in this case: belonging).

- Your website's primary messaging should be communicated at the top of each page in one complete thought—which we call a headline. It's best if your headline fits on one line and communicates the sole purpose of the page.

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Learn How To Apply StoryBrand Principles on Your Websites, Copy, and Beyond

Start working on your brand's message with a StoryBrand Certified Guide. Join the next StoryBrand Workshop.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to simplify your message in a way that resonates with your ideal audience. This workshop has helped thousands of brands before and it can improve your business too!

With a clear message, you can empower your customers to spread the word about your company, your can improve internal communication and boost your team's morale, and you can cut through the marketing noise and show up for the people you serve.

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If you're ready to level up this year, we hope you join us on the next StoryBrand Workshop.

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