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Get The Scoop On HubSpot's Inbound 2016


HubSpot’s Inbound Conference has come and gone, and I’m here to spill the inside scoop!

HubSpot is the marketing automation software ROI uses on the daily. It’s an all-encompassing marketing guru; it hosts everything from your website and blog to social publishing and monitoring, email, and so much more.

Inbound is the type of marketing that HubSpot has coined. So goodbye to those outdated, disruptive billboards, commercials and newspaper ads!

Social Trends From Inbound 2016

Could you imagine being in a room with 19,000 people that are all interested in the same thing as you? That’s what the Inbound conference is all about. 

We kicked all the conference with an awesome keynote from Gary Vaynerchuk. If you haven’t heard of him and you love marketing, check him out. He’ll light a major fire under your ass, not only for marketing, but also for self-motivation.


Obviously, being the social media director at ROI Online, a majority of the classes I took offered an in-depth look at the future of social media.

So you ask, what does the future of social media look like? Well, it might surprise you...

For years now, social media marketers have been told to push out as much content that is relevant to their brand, and then they'll see a major return in followers.

Looking at 2016 and beyond, that isn’t the case anymore.

Many companies have hit a plateau of interactions and followers. Why is this? Your customers are sick of seeing your BS! 

Social media has become over-saturated with quantity, not quality posts. I think we all can attest to being overwhelmed with content on the daily. 

It’s only going to continue to get worse, people. The new trend in social media — LESS IS MORE! Focus on producing better content, not more. You will see a higher interaction from your followers who will appreciate your specialized efforts.  

I work very closely with the content department and we are always brainstorming what might be the best new blog topic, or what is working and what is not. Well, I’m pretty sure the majority of content writers are burnt out on blogging; so are social media marketers.

Podcasts and videos are the future. You’re probably thinking, “Didn’t we all try this a couple of years ago... and aren’t podcasts much longer than blogs?”

Yes, that is true, but we’re able to hone in on an audience and produce better content, rather than producing mass piles of garage no one cares about. Plus, podcasts are background noise so other tasks can still be done while you are digesting the content. From a social media perspective, videos are where it is going.

By 2020, videos will make up the majority of your content on social media.

“Five years from now, your News Feed will be probably all video,” said world-renowned advertising executive, Nicola Mendelsohn. In fact, 79% of all global consumer traffic will come from videos. 

You might as well start implementing videos now because that is where your audience will start to look for information. So long, weekly blogs (cue content marketers around the world popping the champagne)!

To simply put it, marketing is continuing to evolve. While consumers’ attention spans are becoming shorter, marketers are becoming better at taking advantage of it. That is the beauty of marketing — it has never and it will never be the same yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Curious about inbound marketing? Learn more!


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