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How The ROI QuickStart Is Different From Other Marketing Services (And Why You Need It)


So, you’re researching our website and thinking about purchasing the ROI QuickStart.

Sweet! Chances are, you probably have some questions. The most common one we get is: How is the ROI QuickStart different from any other marketing service I can get, and how is it going to help me?

Maybe you’ve worked with agencies in the past that did not meet your expectations. Or, maybe you spent money on a website that provided no return on investment. Maybe you even paid for SEO but haven’t seen any residual benefits from it.

We see these dilemmas with our clients all the time. You paid for these services with the expectation that it would impact your company's sales in some way, and it didn’t. Now you’re left with frustration, along with a myriad of hesitations and concerns about how to move forward with marketing.

man-frustrated-flinging-papers-off-womans-deskWe understand your entrepreneurial struggle, vulnerability, and finite resources that you have to create business growth, but you want and need your company to grow.

That’s why the ROI QuickStart was created.

In order to grow your company, you need to develop a business model with a system in place to benefit and augment your existing business processes. Preferably a system that saves you time and runs on its own, no babysitting required.

That’s the goal of the ROI QuickStart.

When we first started off as a marketing agency, we took the traditional route. SEO, traditional marketing, newspaper ads. You name it, and we tried it. But we quickly realized that our clients’ success does not lie in developing a new clean, upgraded website.

Of course, there are perks for updating your site. If you don’t, you could potentially lose customers. Buyers expect you to have a modern website. But there’s more to it than that. If all an agency or marketing individual can do for you is provide an aesthetically pleasing website, you won’t receive any ROI.


Because a website is only one piece of your marketing machine. You need a solid marketing foundation, first. A website is simply a layer added to that system, it's not the foundation.

House-rising-from-foundationEvery company that has their act together has a nice looking website. Having a website that looks good doesn’t separate you from the pack. It makes you just like everyone else.

The same goes for the copy, visuals, and the graphics on your website, content, and advertisements. Customers expect your content to speak to them. In fact, the content that resonates with them is the only type of content they are going to consume. And they expect your advertisements, pictures, and videos to already look crisp and clean.

So a good website is a must. Clear messaging is extremely important, as well as well crafted visuals. But these are still not solving the real reason as to why your business isn’t growing. You need an automated marketing foundation under that fancy-looking website and crisp content.

Most companies lack an integrated system that drives their overall growth. They have no real way to collect, nurture, and convert leads.They focus more on the aesthetics of their brand and less on building a system which serves as the foundation first so that these added layers can be successful.

So if a copywriter or agency only offers to help you create beautiful videos, or “clean” up the wording throughout your site, emails, and advertising; again, they are only giving you part of the puzzle. A necessary part, but parts that work supplementary to the system you should have in place. That’s the key.

The same even goes for the coveted SEO. It is simply another layer. If your foundation isn’t set first, SEO by itself will not grow your business like you would expect it to.

Are you starting to see the trend?

If you don’t have a system in place first, that website, email campaign, crystal clear messaging, SEO, or whatever marketing package you purchase isn't going to help grow your company like you would have hoped it would.

The real business growth that you desire is achieved by developing a system for your company.

The ROI QuickStart develops an automated system for you and follows a process that connects sales, marketing, development, branding as well as the messaging component so that you have a real foundation to grow your business on.

We give you a system, honoring a fine-tuned process, that creates a business growth model for your company. And it’s yours to keep.

That’s the difference between the ROI Quickstart and other services marketing agencies, or marketing individuals can give you.

During the ROI QuickStart process, we teach you how to run the system so, in just 120 days, your company can achieve real growth. After your project is complete, you can continue your engagement with us, or take the reins over yourself. Whichever you pick, you are left with a tangible asset that will work to continuously help your business grow.

happy-coworkers-highfiveThe best part? The system is scalable, and you can apply it to multiple facets of your business as you continue to expand. The model sets you up for predictable success and ultimately allows you to do the things you are best at and want to focus on.

That’s the ROI Online difference.

If you like to learn more about ROI QuickStart, schedule a free strategy session with our team. We’ll work together to create a custom marketing platform that goes beyond aesthetics and sets your business up for success.

Grow Your Business In Just 120 Days With The ROI QuickStart Kit. Find Out How.

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