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How To Avoid Designing A New Website Every Few Years


How often have you redesigned your website? Another question is, how often should you redesign your website?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably encountered this struggle before.

You've decided to partner with this prestigious web design firm and they have a traditional web design process, meaning they take all those existing pages you have and they “refresh” them (based on guesses and assumptions).

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They rebuild your 20-page website and it takes them about six months or more/less depending on how quickly the team moves. Unfortunately, after all this money, time and stress, your website is probably only valuable and trendy for a year or so.

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It’s frustrating because shouldn’t your website bring more value to your business, not waste your money and time? If your user is constantly having to look at new versions of your site that look “prettier” and “flashier” each time but don’t contribute to your overall purpose and goals, then what’s the point? 

We here at ROI Online feel like this web design process is taking advantage of you and not providing you the return on your investment.

Enter Growth-Driven Design. I’ve done a little preaching on this before so if you aren’t up to speed on the GDD philosophy you can learn about it, here.


There are some other ways to avoid designing a new website every few years. You could:

  • Not have a website. This option is perfect for people who don't want to create a place for all their leads to go to learn more. If you prefer to not close deals, this option is for you.
  • Keep the same website you had built in 2007. Before responsive design was a  standard and mobile-first was even a thought, you could stick with what you got and hope that users don’t get lost or annoyed on your site.
  • Or you could partner with ROI Online. We can get you started on a Growth-Driven Design plan that includes research and what we call “The Continuous Improvement” phase where we are always watching statistics and data about your users’ interactions and finding the best course of action for your website to remain relevant for years to come.

This method, combined with StoryBrand and its messaging framework, will create a website that doesn’t confuse. This powerful website plan will not only boost your leads and sales immensely, but it will also create a clear story and message your customers can easily digest. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s schedule a conversation and we can tell you all about the steps we can take to help you grow your business!


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