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Productivity In Music: A Genuine Method To Increase Productivity During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Working remotely from home

If you’re anything like me, there’s plenty of things I would rather do during the summer than spend ~24 hours indoors everyday when the weather is decently pleasant, especially in Amarillo, Texas.There’s nothing I miss more than cooling down at the local pool, cooking poorly seasoned steaks with a few friends, and attending AMA-Con, Amarillo Library’s own local convention for all things geeky. 

Because the pandemic has most of us working from home, you are bound to be distracted in one way or another. And because of that distraction, you now have trouble shifting your focus back into work mode. 

That means getting tasks completed is a challenge, staying attentive during the work day is almost impossible, and your sanity ship probably sailed weeks ago.

So how do you solve this issue? How can you keep yourself on task when there are so many distractions around you? Simply with music.

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I wish I could just say, “Hey! Listen to The Touch by Stan Bush and you’ll always get back on track.” but because of our own musical tastes, what’s right for me might not be exactly right for you. So I will go over the beneficial effects of music while working and give you my personal recommendations to find songs or genres you should listen to while working. 

Why Listening To Music Makes You More Productive?

Do you like eating avocado toast, almonds, or bananas? What If I told you that listening to your favorite song is like eating all of these all at once—without the calories?

Dopamine is a chemical that stimulates the center of your brain, the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of your brain that you use for general tasks such as organizing, planning, etc… So in return, the more dopamine you have, the more productive you can be. 

Foods rich in tyrosine such as avocados, chicken, almonds and bananas help your body produce dopamine. Music you genuinely enjoy also has a similar effect and creates more of that sweet dopamine for your brain. 

Need more evidence? A recent study tracked the work of 56 software engineers, some of which worked in silence and some who listened to different types of music. The study found that the people who worked while listening to music had an increase in mood and quality of work. 

How To Create A Productivity Playlist

1. Choose songs that you genuinely enjoy. 

Most of the studies on music’s effect on productivity focus on classical music, probably because of how it helps reduce stress. Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart are some popular choices, although the possibilities are virtually endless. You can find some pre-made playlists on YouTube. Give it a listen, then add the songs you like to create your own productivity playlist.

If classical music isn’t your thing, I recommend songs that make you feel content and hyped up. Songs with a fairly high tempo from genres such as Pop, EDM, Rock, and Funk produce a more measurable effect on productivity. Some researchers even suggest listening to video game music, as it’s designed to boost energy, sharpen your focus, and instill a feeling of accomplishment.

However, you shouldn’t feel restricted to just those genres. You may like slower tempo songs better or even international music. So please explore and experiment with music that you like, for example I am currently enjoying this 80’s sing-along playlist. And if all else fails, just choose music that makes you dance!

Here’s a playlist to get you started:

2. Choose songs that you genuinely enjoy. 

Now that you’ve picked your favorite songs, add them to a playlist so you aren’t tempted to constantly change the song. Also feel free to change your playlist or even make multiple ones to add variety into your workflow. We’re trying to change the monotony, not add more to it. 

To see how effective your playlist is, here’s what I recommend. Start a timer when you begin a task. When you finish or find yourself distracted, stop it. This can help you keep track of which playlist works the best.

Keep Your Focus Sharp During The Pandemic And Beyond

Working from home has its perks (like working all day in your pajamas), but it can also leave you feeling foggy and easily distracted. It doesn’t help that every day looks the same and the weekends don’t feel much like weekends anymore.

While we continue to be in quarantine for the most part, I genuinely hope this strategy helps your personal workflow. If nothing else, it gives you a great excuse to jam to your favorite tunes all day long!

Speaking of strategies. If your business is struggling to keep up with these crazy changing times, please schedule a free personal strategy session below. During the session, we’ll chat with you about your goals and struggles. Then, we’ll help you create a plan to get back on track. Whether you work with us or not, you’ll still walk away with a plan for success.

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