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Make The Purchase Decision Easier With The StoryBrand Agreement Plan

Every purchase is a risk. Every time your customer sees your ad, email, or copy out there, they're thinking, "will this work?"

Your brand's job is to ease this tension by walking them through what they perceive as the risk. The StoryBrand Framework tells us about the plan - simple steps your customer can follow to achieve the results they want.

The Agreement plan is a part of the StoryBrand Framework. This includes steps and processes needed to sell solutions (products and services) to customers. Agreement plans aim to alleviate fears and address concerns that usually hold back customers from doing business with you.

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An agreement plan is an essential tool that many companies tend to have. It allows you to connect with your customers in a deeper sense by addressing their fears and concerns before they become problems. The StoryBrand agreement plan prevents being blindsided by problems that surface after the sale has already been made, which can be detrimental to a company's sales.

A StoryBrand agreement plan should include steps for how you will do business together, what terms are involved in doing business together, how you structure your relationship financially, and who you are both accountable to(if anyone).

The StoryBrand agreement plan can help you set the right expectations about the experience your customers will have with your business, which will drastically change how your company team members do business with others, especially concerning all communication before and after the sale has been made.

It allows you to create trust so that expectations can be fulfilled to avoid problems down the road. With StoryBrand agreement plans, you can ensure better satisfaction rates every time because you are making sure all the fears and concerns of your customers are being addressed before they even surface, ensuring that your story is playing out just how you want it to.

Exactly What Are Agreement Plans?

Agreement plans are an incentive for potential customers to buy more of a product or service, usually at once. This way, the customer is able to get the items they bought more cheaply than if they were bought separately. 

The reason behind this is simple: create reciprocity with the customer by giving them something in return for their purchase beyond just the products they have already purchased.

An Agreement Plan Says "If You Choose Our Brand, This Is What You'll Get."

Once an agreement plan has been created, it is important that customers feel comfortable making purchases on credit while trusting that the company will keep its end of the deal and follow through with what was promised when purchasing using an agreement plan. 

Agreement plans create trust between companies and their customers because their customers are guaranteed savings on future purchases so long as they purchase enough in one transaction within the allotted time; the customer is always guaranteed to save money.

When customers trust companies, they are more likely to purchase items from them again because of their reputation for meeting their word and following through with promises. 

Customers will continue to come back again and again if there is this type of reciprocal relationship between company and consumer. Agreement plans create reciprocity which helps create customer loyalty.

Assuming that agreement plans are priced correctly, customers will see the benefits of using one immediately. This way, they can buy more of what they need at once without having to worry about paying overtime or waiting until they have the necessary funds ready.

Furthermore, it encourages consumers to spend more than if buying separate items on a monthly basis by offering discounts based on the total price. Agreement plans create reciprocity with customers by giving them a reason to trust that they will gain from their purchases.

In order for an agreement plan to create customer loyalty, it is vital that customers feel comfortable buying on credit and trusting the company to provide what was promised. 

Once a customer has made one purchase through an agreement plan, they are more likely to continue doing so because of the incentive that the savings created. This builds a relationship between company and consumer where there is a reciprocal trust which creates customer loyalty.

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Agreement Plan vs. Process Plan

The agreement plan aims to help the customer overcome fears and eliminate doubts about doing business with a brand. While the process plan is a series of steps a customer can take after a direct call to action in order to acquire a product or service.

You can think of it this way - a process plan is a series of concrete steps your customer has to make to achieve the success they want through your brand's solution. An agreement plan is the peace of mind they'll get when they decide to take the steps laid out on your process plan.

Why Do You Need a Plan?

In order to avoid failure, your brand needs a plan. This may seem like an obvious statement, but without a plan in place, your brand will flounder and fail. A good plan outlines all of the steps you need to take to achieve your desired results.

It establishes specific goals, objectives, and strategies that you can use to reach your target audience. Without a solid plan in place, it will be very difficult to make any headway with your branding efforts. So why not take the time to develop a well-thought-out plan? It's sure to pay off in the long run!

Companies know that words can make or break a deal. To establish yourself as a highly sought-after brand, you need to work on your plan - pick the right words to make sure you're doing everything in your power to build rapport with your audience. You'll want to avoid using jargon, use fewer words, and focus more on words that promote trust and values such as loyalty and durability.

This is where an agreement plan for customers can really boost company morale; companies who value their customer's needs will be the most successful companies out there. And unsurprisingly, companies who don't immediately recognize what matters most to their clientele may find themselves struggling when they've hit rock bottom!


The StoryBrand Framework Teaches Us to Focus on What Our Customers Need. It positions your brand as a guide to the main character of the story - your customer - to achieve the success they're trying to achieve. A clear plan tells your customer that you know the way to success, and most importantly, take the risk out of their purchase decision.

If you feel like you could use some extra help boosting your branding efforts, look no further than an agreement plan. This type of plan can help companies overcome customers' objections to purchase, which are common in today's day and age.

Each one of your customers is different with its own goals, concerns, fears, and desires. Your brand needs to understand what matters most to each individual customer if it wants them to be open to the idea of doing business with you!

If companies can convince their customers that they have a product worth buying after overcoming any objection the customer might have, then companies will have no problem maintaining rapport while staying focused on what really matters most - building value for your clients!

What Company Doesn't Love Having Loyal Customers?

Companies know that loyalty builds trust between themselves and their customers, but many companies fail when they neglect to work on their plan and the words they choose to communicate it. It is extremely important for companies to understand what words they should be using and when so that they may successfully persuade loyal customers to remain faithful.

Loyal customers are more likely to give companies a chance at redemption even if they've made mistakes in the past, such as shipping out defective products or sending spammy marketing emails every other day! If you want loyal customers, then it's time for you to buckle down and get serious about the plan you're communicating with them. Doing this will help companies establish long-lasting relationships with new and old clients alike.

Establishing trust between your brand and customer base is of ultimate importance; companies who fail to establish this won't make it very long in the business world. Nothing is more important than building trust between your brand and its customer base!

This is where companies should focus on what words sell things. By implementing different strategies into your plan of action, companies can successfully overcome customer objections and transform potential buyers into loyal customers.

Companies need to pay close attention to word choice, doing everything in their power to build rapport with their audience if they truly want successful branding efforts that result in the success of the companies they work for.

You'll also notice that companies who develop plans outlined all of the steps you need to take to successfully overcome customer objections. If companies want loyal customers, then they'll need to establish a plan for word choice doing everything in their power to build rapport with their audience and achieve this goal!

TL;DR - Customers Buy Solutions From a Brand With a Plan

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