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How To Transform Your Company Culture, And Make It Stick

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Company culture is one of the silent things that can make or break a business.

A healthy, inspirational company culture keeps employees working hard and entices them to stay with the business for the long haul. An unhealthy, uninspiring company culture is one reason why people leave jobs.

Transforming your business culture and making it stick is critical if you want to keep your business on track.

The First Step to Creating a Company Culture

Define your culture. A lot of companies really do not have a well-defined company culture. How can your people embrace a culture that their boss cannot define? You should have your company culture in writing so that current employees and new hires are on the same page.

Some things to consider with your culture are:

  • How do you want new hires treated?
  • Do you have an informal culture or one with more structure and rules?
  • What are the core values of your business?
  • How do you want your clients or customers to be treated?
  • How do you want your company to be perceived?

Getting Your Employees to Embrace the Culture

Even if you have already committed your culture to writing, are your employees embracing it? Here are a few ways you can get your employees on board.

Make Communication a Two-Way Street

You should always communicate with your employees. And you should encourage them to communicate right back. How do you conduct reviews? A formal review process is not conducive to communications. Make them informal instead. Take time each week to talk with various employees.

Learn to be a Listener

When the boss talks too much or, even worse, talks over people, it is the quickest way to shut down employee comments or input.

And listening is not something only the boss should embrace. It should be encouraged with all employees and a trait you want to see in new hires.

Stop Torturing Your Employees

Okay, meetings are not supposed to be torture. But, when someone has a pile of work waiting, and a meeting drags on due to banter and tangential discussions, it is plain torture.

Keep meetings to a minimum and cut their duration in half. An hour meeting, cut it to 30 minutes. A full-day conference, make it a half-day.

Offer Employee Perks That Matter

An employee referral program is one choice. Your employees will know who would fit well for your company. Remember that your employees have a life outside your business. Invite the family of staff members to participate in events on occasion, like a company softball game or the holiday party.

How to Incorporate Culture with New Hires

When you are interviewing someone for an open position, your company culture needs to be part of the discussion. This will help you or your hiring team figure out if someone is a good fit or not. It also offers candidates the chance to know what it's like to work for your company.

These are just a few ways to make your company culture stick. It is something you have to define and live every day.

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