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The Key Element You're Missing In Your Brand Story

Companies’ main objective is to sell their product and services to customers. Some business’s excel at this, while others do not.

So what do juggernauts like Apple and Chick-Fil-A, or successful startups like Airbnb and Slack have that others don’t? Why do their sales and brand loyalty continue to explode while others’ have become stagnant or even failed?

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The answer is these companies have an effective brand story, a story that places their customer at the center and clearly communicates how their product or service will help that customer solve a problem or reach a goal.

To accomplish this, companies must clearly communicate how it will solve customers’ problems; however, few businesses do this well.


We’ve all been confused by a brand’s messaging more times than we can count. And if customers are confused by something, they won’t buy it.

People don’t always buy the best products. They buy products and services they can understand.

Just because a company has a product a consumer wants or even needs doesn’t mean they’re going to make the sale. Customers want companies to communicate how that need will be met.

This is the value of StoryBrand.

So What Is StoryBrand?

StoryBrand is a simple seven-step storytelling framework that helps companies communicate a clear brand story. By using a BrandScript, companies are able to create their story in a way that customers can easily relate to and understand.

StoryBrand’s creator and CEO, Donald Miller, stresses the importance of the relationship between marketing and a clearly communicated brand story to effectively market a business.

Human beings are drawn to story. We have used storytelling as one of the main forms of communication for thousands of years.

Stories, especially great ones, are captivating.

But there’s one core component every great story has, and it’s something every successful brand has figured out.


Successful brands understand a good story always involves a hero (the customer), who is seeking a solution to a problem. In that story, the hero encounters a guide (the company) along their journey to help them overcome the conflict. And at the end of the story, the hero wins.

Great companies don’t tell THEIR stories. They tell the stories of their customers. They act as a guide in the customer’s story and communicate how buying their product or service will help their customer accomplish their goals.

That is one of the main ingredients to any great brand story. The BrandScript centers on the how and why a company will help their customer win. That’s the story.

Why StoryBrand Works

StoryBrand understands the secret to great marketing is communicating a strong customer-centric story.

With its framework, StoryBrand has helped hundreds of companies clarify their message. It’s simple, actionable, and proven, used by some of the most recognized brand names in the world, such as charity:water, Dave Ramsey, Michael Hyatt, and Pantene, to name a few.

The effectiveness of a clear, well-communicated brand story is just as powerful as it is vital.

Human beings are drawn to story and pay to read, hear, and see great ones.

The impact of a captivating story is no different for a business. The StoryBrand framework is a fundamental driver of successful marketing and a fabric of what all excellent companies have in common.

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