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Meeting Your StoryBrand Guide: 3 Things To Expect

When it comes to marketing, your story is everything. 

It's what engages people and makes them want to stick around, and the engine that drives customer loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing, and organic growth. But telling your story can be tricky- you need to make sure it's consistent with who you are as a brand and resonates with your audience. 

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Donald Miller's book, Building a StoryBrand is a good book for businesses and brands. It tells how stories are powerful tools to engage customers. Miller is also the founder of StoryBrand, a marketing firm that applies the principles from the book and puts them to the test. Since its establishment, StoryBrand has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses reach their ideal customers and engage more prospects.

The principles of StoryBrand proved to be so relevant and effective that Miller started multiplying his expertise in the form of the StoryBrand Guide AKA StoryBrand Certified Guide. This concept even grows further with the StoryBrand Certified Agency. 

What Is a StoryBrand Certified Guide?

A StoryBrand Guide is an expert in Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework. This person has been trained on how to identify, engage with, and amplify the story that already exists within your business. There are even marketing agencies and firms that double down on these proven principles and make sure everyone in their team is trained in the ways of StoryBrand, turning their team into a StoryBrand Certified agency.

Experts like these can help you attract more customers by inviting them into a story where they come out on the other end as better people.

What Exactly Do You Get When Working With a StoryBrand Guide?

When you work with a StoryBrand Guide or a StoryBrand Certified Agency, you are buying the services of an expert in branding. These experts have studied Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework inside and out. They know how to engage with your customers so you can tell your story more clearly, develop a brand persona, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

If you’re looking for additional services, your StoryBrand Guide (or StoryBrand Certified Agency) may also be able to help improve internal communication and culture or refine your marketing model by showing you where your messaging is falling short based on this framework.

Hiring a StoryBrand Guide or a StoryBrand Certified Agency is one of the best investments you’ll make for your business. When you work with an expert like this, they can help you attract more customers who are already looking for what you have to offer.

1. Expect to Simplify Your Marketing Strategy

The StoryBrand marketing approach is all about creating clear and simple marketing messages. When you decide to work with a StoryBrand Guide, expect them to help you simplify your marketing strategy.  

Short, simple, and necessary - these kinds of messages are easier to understand. Your StoryBrand Guide wants to simplify your marketing because complicated plans rarely get anything done.

In other words, your StoryBrand Guide wants you to have a successful business, so they'll help take the guesswork out of it for you and make sure that all their clients see success with minimal effort!

Stories make information easier to understand because we are used to hearing stories. Stories have been around as long as humans have had the ability to create them. They appeal to all of our senses, and they help us learn everything from values to facts. Stories are the most powerful way to connect with your listeners. Use them to inspire, persuade, and sell.

A story is a great way to engage an audience. If you have something that's hard to understand or opaque, find a way to tell it in terms of stories.

Using storytelling techniques will help you not only communicate with your audience more efficiently but also allow a deeper connection to take place.

Remember that every time a customer interacts with your brand, they're making a choice about if and how they'll continue doing business with you. This calculation includes the initial purchase, ongoing experiences, marketing messages,  and customer support. A StoryBrand Guide can help your company shape and deliver a clear and compelling brand story so that customers will choose you time and time again.

2. Expect to Hear The Term “StoryBrand Framework” A Lot

The StoryBrand Framework follows the structure of the greatest stories ever told. The common elements with these stories tell of a hero that goes through challenges and a journey of transformation. Businesses and brands can use the StoryBrand Framework to invite customers into a story where they can solve their problems and conquer their challenges thanks to their guide, your business, or your brand. 

This framework is at the core of what your StoryBrand Guide or a StoryBrand Certified Agency does. Most, if not everything they create for your brand will be based on this framework.

Your StoryBrand guide will make sure that everything you create for your customers is consistent with the framework and also with your brand identity and positioning. Your StoryBrand guide will be on both your side and the customer's side so they can weigh in on what is best for them while making sure you keep the bigger picture in mind.

If you want to get the ball rolling on your first meeting with your StoryBrand Guide, understand the following:

Your brand is not the hero of the story, you're the guide.

Your customer is the hero of the story.

Your product or service may not necessarily be the only answer your customer needs to solve his/her problem. But through your guidance, they can get a better chance at overcoming their problems.

The StoryBrand Certified Guide you hire will definitely explain the framework to you and your team. It's important to trust them and know that StoryBrand Certified Guides are the best people to ask about how you can leverage the power of stories to improve your brand messaging.

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3. Expect Multiple Meetings

Your StoryBrand Certified Guide may be an expert, but they're not miracle workers. Even if you have an entire StoryBrand Certified Agency at your disposal, the process of simplifying your marketing approach won't necessarily be shorter, but you can certainly do more with a pool of experts.

We understand that you have a business to run and a brand to develop, but working with a StoryBrand Certified Guide is also an investment.

You need to tend to this investment continuously, but it will all be worth it when your customers start engaging with your brand. Nothing good ever comes easy, and if you're building a brand that's worth talking about, one meeting simply won't cut it.

If you're expecting a busy quarter, make sure to let your StoryBrand Certified Guide know about your availability. Work with them closely and they will grow your brand with you.

How to Find The Best StoryBrand Certified Guides

There are lots of StoryBrand Certified Agencies and guides out there. The first one you find might not be the perfect fit. Here are some tips to finding the right

Find StoryBrand Guides Who Believe in Your Brand's Value

You can't tell a story without believing in what your brand stands for if you don't believe it, why should anyone else? Good StoryBrand Guides will be able to tell your brand's story because they believe in your product or service. 

This is especially important if you're thinking about reaching out for help with marketing, as StoryBrand Guides are trained to help brands reach their ideal audience. Your Guide will be able to craft a story that resonates well with people who are already loyal to your brand, and that will help you find new customers through word-of-mouth marketing.

Find StoryBrand Guides Who Love to Get Specific

Good StoryBrand Guides are going to make sure the story you tell is exactly what your brand stands for, without any unnecessary elements or details. You want it to be compelling enough for people to want to share with others, but simple enough that they can remember it. 

When you've got an idea that you want to run by your StoryBrand marketing consultant, make sure you do it in specific terms. Sometimes, we get thoughts in our heads that sound clear when we think about it. But when it comes to communicating these ideas with others, we might find a disconnect. When you're looking for good StoryBrand guides, make sure you're working with one who makes sure every topic of your meeting is addressed specifically.

Look For Their StoryBrand Certification

A lot of marketing agencies out there claim to be StoryBrand Certified Agencies, but their StoryBrand certification isn't up to date. Investing in marketing agencies comes with its own set of risks. If you want to make sure you get the most out of the team or expert you hire, make sure to look for StoryBrand Certified Agencies.


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