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ROI Online Has Its First Baby!


Here’s the scoop! ROI Online just received a big bundle of joy, and no, we’re not talking about the all-inclusive margarita package at the liquor store.  

It’s our very own ROI baby version 1.0. Although he might not be as cute as Rupert Stew, he is a super close second ;).


If you’ve been following ROI for some time now, you probably noticed Gabe, our Creative Director, became a little rounder, in the best way possible, of course.

Nearly nine months ago, when she told the ROI crew in our Monday morning meeting that she was expecting, we all freaked out!




We all have been waiting not so patiently. Now, the time has come and the wait is over. Hallelujah! Last night, after nearly 36 hours of labor, ROI (sorry Gabe, he’s our baby now) finally got our big ass baby! Gabe was really just our surrogate.


Meet Mr. Boone Wilder Sappenfield! Our 2016 heavyweight champion was born at 5:24 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2016, at BSA Hospital.



Coming in at a whopping 8 lb. 13 oz. and 20.75 inches long, Boone came out crying with a head full of dark hair and chubby cheeks that you could pinch for days. Expected to be 10 pounds, it’s not a surprise that he already loves to eat.


Although we have only known you for a day, Boone, you already have so many new “aunts” and “uncles” who are going to spoil and love you! From iPads to cute fishing shirts, we have you covered!

Welcome to the #ROIcrew!

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