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ROI Online Turns The Big 4!


Four years ago I took a risk. I put everything in my life on the line to start a business I believed in.

I saw a need for an honest company that genuinely wanted to help create healthy online presences for businesses.

At the core of ROI Online is a team that comes to work every day to help our clients.

Yes, we all work to get paid, but at ROI, it's not about the paycheck; it's about the payoff — the payoff of working our butts off every day and seeing our clients not only succeed in business, but also grow.

In four years, we've seen more than just our clients grow, however. We've grown too, and not just in number and in customers.

  • Our expertise has matured.
  • Our processes have improved.
  • Our culture has become more robust.
  • Our mission has become more clear.

One of my key missions, both professional and personal, is to educate my team members and allow them to cultivate their careers. Regularly sending them to industry conferences so they can stay on top of marketing trends and network with their peers is an investment in their futures, ROI’s and yours.


In just a few months, ROI has represented our agency and Amarillo’s thriving business community at HubSpot Developer Day, Content Marketing World, Circles Conference and soon, HubSpot’s Inbound.

One of the most eye-opening workshops we have attended is StoryBrand. For our most recent clients, you may already be familiar with StoryBrand. However, for a few of you veteran ROIers, we’d like to share with you this fresh marketing strategy we are adopting. 


In short, the StoryBrand process will allow us to better tell your story. We fervently believe in the StoryBrand methodology and we look forward to implementing it with your project in the future. Myself, and two of our crew, are just recovering from our StoryBrand crash course in Nashville, and a couple of us will soon embark on our second adventure. See what our Creative Director, Gabe Sappenfield, has to say about her experience at StoryBrand.

Learn More About StoryBrand

It’s what we don’t know yet that will become the most valuable thing ROI will offer our clients.

In our commitment to continue our growth in our expertise as a business-building agency, we’ve embraced the StoryBrand framework. In short, it’s an awesome professional planning process that will help us continue to deliver valuable business insights for business leaders and marketing directors, like yourselves. We can’t wait to introduce the StoryBrand process to you and your teams.

Here’s to us and to you!

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