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ROI Online's Internet Marketing Predictions for 2015

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What changes are on the horizon for the coming year? If you have been paying attention to the digital marketing world throughout 2014, you have seen a transforming landscape that could be a little challenging to keep up with. Don’t expect it to be any different in 2015. Technologies, consumers and content remain top priorities for marketing next year, but you will see much more emphasis in several areas, especially mobile optimization and content marketing.

Here are ROI Online's top five marketing predictions for 2015.

  1. Content marketing will be bigger and businesses will put a heavier focus on creating good, strategic content. While content marketing has been dominating the online marketing world for almost a decade, its importance will grow even stronger in 2015. That’s hard to believe, right? To stand out from the many businesses using content to attract customers, many companies are taking a strategic approach to their content creation. Instead of just becoming a resource for industry news, information or entertainment, companies are creating marketing campaigns where content plays a central strategic role.
  2. Mobile-friendly content and mobile optimization is a must. By 2017, smartphones and tablets will become the platform for over 85 percent of online sales. If you have not created a mobile-friendly website yet, get on it. It is no longer optional. On top of that, the content on your website must also be mobile-friendly. Video, audio, graphics and text should view well on the smallest handheld devices as well as on an expanded desktop web browser.
  3. Social media marketing is becoming even more integral. The content you share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest is playing a larger role in the success or failure of your business. On top of that, social media, SEO and content marketing is becoming more integrated. Putting as much time and effort into the quality and timeliness of your social media marketing will pay off in 2015 and beyond.
  4. Email marketing gets revitalized. One of the challenges of content marketing is the ever-growing difficulty of being able to predict search engine algorithms. To get around this obstacle, many marketers are turning to a tried and true method for the online world: email marketing. While that may sound old school, don’t kick this idea to curb quite yet; it’s making quite the comeback. Standing out in the sea of emails means building a personal relationship with potential customers.
  5. Marketers will find ways to create more relevant, personalized content rather than promotions and pitches. Despite the faceless, nameless nature of the internet, consumers and companies alike want to do business with companies they can trust. That’s the bottom line. A company that constantly pushes promotions and sales pitches will not find much traction in the changing dynamics of today's online world. Integrating social media, content and personalization will remain a major priority for smart online marketers.

ROI Online is looking forward to the challenges and rewards of 2015. Are you ready for the New Year?

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