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What Are Google Business Photos?

Most of us have heard or utilized Google Street View in Google Maps. Well now there’s an even newer technology in town: Google Business Photos. You may be asking yourself, 'What are Google Business Photos?' That is a very valid question; however, rest assured that you have come to the right place to learn not only what they are but how to use them to your advantage to promote your business. All in all, they are a virtual tour of your business.

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Google Business Photos at a Glance

Businesses have the added option to include additional photos, panoramic views, and links to their own websites not only in Google Maps but also in Google+ Local Pages and in search results. When using this extremely valuable tool, your potential customers will see all of your photos, panoramas, and virtual tours on the search results page in Google. They can get an honest glimpse of your office or storefront before stepping inside.

Why do you need Google Business Photos for your Business?

It is no secret that this is a technology driven world. One of the best ways to get your name out there is to use all media outlets available to you. Google is one of the most powerful and popular search engines out there, and many of your potential customers will first find you through this source. You don't want to simply be listed in their search results; you want to stand out and grab their attention! Attaching photos and virtual walk-throughs of your business is one of the best attention grabbers you can implement. You can showcase your best features and provide eye-catching imagery from your business. Not only will you be grabbing the attention of your potential customers, but you will be engaging with them as well. This engagement piece is very important when you want to turn potential customers into actual customers. Whether you’re a doctor’s office, toy shop, clothing boutique or restaurant, your business can likely benefit from Google Business Photos.

How to Implement Google Business Photos

If you have not already done so, Google+ Local Pages is an excellent place for businesses to sign up and promote themselves. These images and virtual tours will show up not only on your Local Page but also on Google Maps and in Google search results. You can also embed these images on your own websites and social media networking sites. Many consumers like to know everything they can about a business before even leaving their homes. We’re curious, skeptical folks! With Google Business Photos your business can stand out among the rest and accent your best features.

How to get started with Google Business Photos

First, you will need to have a photo shoot for your location. That's right, a photo shoot. You will arrange with a Google Trusted Photographer to come to your location and capture the images. A Google Trusted Photographer is a professional photographer who has been trained and certified by Google to produce these high quality panoramic images that will boost your web presence. You can work with your photographer to make sure to include and accent those features you want to highlight or even exclude areas you do not want to include.

Google Business Photos are quickly becoming the must-have addition for any business with a web presence. Paired with the ease of setting up this feature, it is really one of the best ways out there to promote your business. If your business is located in the Amarillo area or Texas Panhandle, and you want to learn more about Google Business Photos, get in touch with ROI Online and see what you think of our Google Business Photos. Start reaching more potential customers right away by implementing one-of-a-kind Google Business Photos.

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