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How to Prepare for Your Google Business Photos Shoot

So you have read all the articles about the powerful effect that Google Business Photos can have on your online marketing strategy. You have contracted with a Trusted Google Business Photographer in your area to set up your very own photo shoot. Now it is time to get ready for the big day. So how do you prepare?

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What should I expect during the photo shoot?

Your photographer should be able to finish in less than one or two hours in most cases, depending on the size of your business. If you have a particularly large business, then your photo shoot might take longer. Your photographer will take pictures of the front street view of your business. Then, he or she will work with you to highlight certain areas of your business by either capturing still images or panoramic images using a fisheye lens and rotating turret. These images will be stitched together to create those breathtaking 360 degree panoramic virtual tours. You should feel free to ask your photographer about all aspects of the photo shoot to get the most out of it.


Tips for preparing for your Google Business Photos session:

Clean up: Go ahead and tidy things up around your office and make everything neat and easy on the eye. You should not, however, drastically change the appearance of your business as the virtual tours are designed to give customers an accurate idea of what they will see when they visit your business.

Walk through your own business: A great way to get an objective view of your business is to walk through it as though you were a first-time customer. What aspects of your store grab your attention? Your modern, sleek conference room? Your expansive showroom? Your variety of merchandise? Pay attention to these areas so you can highlight them during the photo shoot.

Quiet time: It is generally not recommended to have people in the photos. If at all possible, try to schedule your photo shoot during your down time or even outside of normal business hours. If this is not possible, you can barricade certain areas while they are being photographed.

Make a plan: What are some areas you know you want to highlight or include? What are some areas you want to exclude? Write these things down so that you do not forget them when the photographer is on site. Consult with customers, employees, friends, or family members about what they think are the best features to highlight. You can always schedule more photo shoots but is is much better to get everything you want out of the first one.

Trust your photographer: Use this valuable resource while you have the photographer there. Trusted Google Business Photographers have been certified and trained by Google to take these exact kinds of photos. They will most likely be able to give you some other great tips and ideas on how to properly highlight your business to reach more potential customers online.

Google Business Photos may be something relatively new, but many businesses are jumping on in order to highlight their business. If you would like more information about Google Business Photos, check ROI Online’s out. If you like what you see, let us know!

Questions and Final Thoughts

What are you doing to get your business found online? 

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