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How Social Media Can Get Volunteers and Donations for Your Non-Profit

Social media has changed our world in so many ways that it is difficult to list them all. For non-profits, it has made the world smaller and helped them market their message to a broader audience than ever before. This has allowed non-profits to grow their presence, reach out to prospective volunteers, and seek financial support from a broad base of donors, all very inexpensively, if not for free.

If you haven't already taken advantage of the vast resources available via social media outlets, here are some ways you can incorporate them into your non-profit marketing strategy.

  1. Build up a Twitter following and use it to spread news about upcoming events and fundraisers. Twitter updates are short and contain easy to understand information. By Tweeting information and links to your fundraising pages, you can connect directly with your followers in a way they will respond to.

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  2. Use your Facebook page to supply information to your fans about what you are doing and how their donations and volunteer efforts are making a difference. Craft your messages in such a way that everyone knows that their resources are being used in a manner that is making a real difference in the world in which we live.

  3. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. By using Pinterest, you can write volumes by simply posting pictures of the projects you are working on. This visual representation of your non-profit's work will be greatly appreciated by your followers, and will help attract more people to your organizations efforts.

  4. Don't forget about YouTube. This gives you an outlet where you can show and discuss your work with a vast audience of potential donors and prospective volunteers. Not only do people respond to videos, but they are highly likely to share them with their circle of friends and family. This in turn creates a broad reach for your organization. Let’s take Habitat for Humanity, for instance. If you work for your local chapter and you are on site helping to build or repair a home, take video of everyone working together as a team. Do a video with the family receiving the home, if they are willing. This is a great way for people to see your non-profit in action.

  1. Organize webinars and advertise them via Facebook and Twitter. Google+, GoToMeeting, and many other platforms make it possible for you to educate thousands of people at once. They also provide a great opportunity for people to engage directly with you, ask questions, and seek more information regarding the ways they can participate in your non-profit’s mission.

  2. Don't neglect your LinkedIn profile. Remember the old saying, "It's not about what you know, it's about who you know." Well, that is especially true in the world of non-profits; and LinkedIn is a fantastic resource that you can use to build relationships with other non-profit managers and organizers.

For more information on how you can use social media to attract donations and encourage volunteer work, you need to get internet marketing to work for you. Internet marketing can expand both the presence and accomplishments of your non-profit. ROI Online, LLC can help you reach out to potential donors and volunteers through your website, social media platforms and blogs.

Questions and Final Thoughts

How are you currently attracting donors and volunteers? Is it working, or are is your non-profit ready to try another strategy?

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