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How to Market Your Business with Videos

Content marketing can be your business's biggest advantage, and video is just one sector. However, it's a sector you should not overlook. With the astounding success of various social platforms such as YouTube, Vine and Instagram video, it is no secret that video can go a long way for your internet marketing strategy.

These easy-to-use and widely accessible social platforms have revolutionized the advertising and marketing strategies for many companies, and your business or organization can follow in their footsteps.

Who Can Make a Good Quality Video?

Anyone can make a video of substance that's attractive and appealing. Follow these key tips for making a successful video:

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  • K.I.S.S.: "Keep it short, silly": Less is definitely more in the current market. The success of Vine clearly illustrates that point with its 6 second cap on videos. This limitation has actually motivated some very creative and impressive videos. Outside of the Vine world, you still want to keep your videos to only a few minutes in length. Some studies have shown that your average viewer will only give you a few seconds before deciding to keep watching or finding a new video to watch.

  • Showcase Your Specialty: Try and focus on one particular aspect of your business. Instead of tackling your company’s overall model, choose something specific to show your audience. For example, if you are a non-profit, make a behind-the-scenes video of a fundraiser or benefit. If you are a self storage company, make a video demonstrating how to organize a self storage unit. Remember, your goal is to have people share your video, which will ultimately turn into advertising, so you want the video to be enticing.

  • Quantity vs. Quality: In the past, you would need the latest and greatest audio/video equipment to produce high-quality advertising and marketing videos. This is no longer the case in the social media world. You can effectively create a video with a mobile phone, iPad or any smart device as long as it will make people want to watch and share your video on their own social media platforms.

  • Diversify: Take advantage of all of the social media platforms available. Most notably; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google +, and Flickr. Use as many platforms as possible and post videos as often as you can. Many of these platforms will allow users to subscribe to your feeds. You want to keep them interested with regular videos. Set a goal for yourself and make a schedule to keep those videos coming regularly.

Why is Video such a Big Deal?

The new social media culture in effect is changing the way businesses promote and advertise themselves. This can be especially advantageous for your small business or organization, too. Videos are a growing sector of content marketing, and content marketing is only going to get bigger in 2014. So put your face and your business out there with video! Show your audience what your business is all about, tell your story and give people content they can really sink their teeth into.

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