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Enhance Local Search Results with Google

If you run a local business, getting found today is more than just popping your listing in your local phone directory. Your customers should have no problem finding you online. Enhancing your business's online listings with Google increases the chances someone will find you when they are searching on their computer or mobile device. Here are three main applications you can use: Google Maps or Google Places.

Why do I need to get my business on Google?

Google is the dominant search engine on the planet. When people go searching for something, almost 8 of 10 use Google. That is why getting recognition from Google is so important. By placing your business on Google Maps and Google Places for Business, you can show up all across the web.

I Want Unlimited Warm Leads!


What is Google Places for Business?

In the old days, most new businesses would hurry up to put their name in the local phone directory. These days, new businesses should be hurrying to list their businesses with online business directories like Google Places for Businesses.

This business directory lists your company, its contact information, and other information like business hours. This is the starting point when it comes to getting your business recognized in the Google Universe. The listing is free and you can go back to anytime to update information or to enhance the listing.

Don't Forget about Google Maps

You get a bonus when you create a profile on either Google Places for Business or Google+ Local. Your business will begin appearing on Google Maps.

So, if you own a restaurant or a clothing boutique, for example, and a consumer queries about a local eatery or shopping, the results come up on a map with a flag pointing to your location.

The consumer can read your profile, look at reviews, and even share that information with family and friends. They also have the option of visiting your website.

Getting your company started on Google is simple. Google will require some verification for you local listings to make sure you are not spamming a company that does not belong to you. Once that is done, the rest is a breeze. You can update information, upload pictures, and manage how it appears online as needed. Now that you are all over Google, think about other local search directories that are relevant to your business, such as Yelp, Yahoo or Foursquare, and get cracking on optimizing those!

Questions and Final Thoughts?

What does Google say about your business?



I Want Unlimited Warm Leads!