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Should I Use HootSuite For My Social Media Management?

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As you are marketing your business, you've probably found getting your message out on the myriad social media networds out there isn't exactly quick and easy. When Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + become overwhelming, you may need a social media management website to be the central hub of all of your daily social activity. We’ve already discussed SocialFlow and Buffer. Another popular social media management application is HootSuite.


What are the benefits of HootSuite?

With the HootSuite dashboard, you can see all of your social media sites grouped together on one convenient page. This includes Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even photo apps like Instagram and Tumblr. This makes it easy to monitor and upload posts to various sites without getting confused or leaving one out, and it's easy to read and use.

You can use the same login information for all of your sites, so you don't have to go to each site individually and log-in, update your posts, and log out. Only one sign up means only one password to remember and a lot less time to waste.

You can schedule messages to be posted at specific times of the day, so you don't have to try to keep up with when you'd like every post to go out. This increases productivity and saves time.

Checking content and searching for content is simple due to the tools that HootSuite provides. You can search posts by hashtag or by location, or type in a keyword. You'll be able to see which sites are talking about your company, Tweeting about it, or posting about it.

If you're struggling with seeing the overview of your social media situation, HootSuite can help with that. The site provides you with analytics tools along with graphs and reports that monitor your campaigns and provide results to see how social media is helping your company. With tools at your fingertips like Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, you'll be able to measure your social media website data traffic. See how many people "follow" or "like" your page daily on Twitter and Facebook, and you can customize reports for your company using HootSuite Reports to keep them updated.

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You're not limited to only checking one account per social media site; for instance, if your company runs two Twitter pages or three different Facebook accounts, you can view them all from your HootSuite platform for added convenience.

One of the coolest ways to monitor who is following you is to access the HootSuite Contacts page. This page provides detailed analytics of who is following you, who they follow, how often they post, and what some of their recent posts were.

HootSuite is undoubtedly one of the most well-known social media management tools available. It simplifies having to manage multiple social media pages by consolidating everything to one interface. You can prepare content in advance and schedule it to go out to relevant social media sites. There is a limited version that is free. However, the pro plan, which includes advanced features, is not. Overall, there are many benefits to using HootSuite to manage your business or organization’s social media accounts. However, it's wise to reseach several social media management applications. Compare and contrast them according to your needs to see which one is the best fit for your business or organization's message and brand.

Questions and Final Thoughts?

What’s your opinion of Hootsuite?

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