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How Do I Use Sprout Social?

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Sprout Social is a networking platform that allows you to manage your social media pages all at once. You can use special tools to upload updates and messages to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn. You can even keep your ideas together in one location before you compose your message; this helps brainstorming to come up with the perfect post. 

What is Sprout Social? 

Sprout Social helps you track consumer's reactions to your posts: How many people are reading? How many are interacting? Stay up to date with the numbers by using Sprout Social to track the response times once you upload a post. If a customer comments on your post, you don't have to track it down and respond when you have time.


Sprout Social keeps you updated in real time when you have a comment and sends all of them to one handy Smart Inbox so you can keep track of all your social networks together and respond in a timely way.


We've all heard the news about how important analytics are for businesses. But do you know how to implement them? Using Sprout Social allows you to create professional, branded reports with all the data related to your social network platforms. You can create graphs and charts that show how many followers you have, how many messages you've received, and how many Retweets on Twitter. That information shows you where you need to make changes to engage even more consumers and a wider audience reach.


Who can use Sprout Social?


Don't limit the power of Sprout Social solely to yourself; engage your entire team with collaboration options for team members. You can allow certain team members access to the data and allow them to respond to and read consumer messages for convenience.


You tailor the primary account, but you can allow others to jump in and none of your personal passwords are compromised. Need to go back two months and see a customer conversation? Not a problem with Sprout Social. The CRM tools offer you a complete past archive of every conversation at your fingertips! You're also able to search for suggestions when you're feeling writer's block and can't come up with a post...find out what consumers are talking about and base your post around what's trending among the people who follow you.


Sprout Social has a mobile application, too. This award-winning app allows you to keep up with your social networks while you're traveling as well as your Smart Inbox.


Should I use Sprout Social?


That’s entirely up to you and your business’s needs. While Sprout Social is efficient, affordable and boasts a sleek, easy to use design, there are many other alternatives available, such as HootSuiteSocialFlow or Buffer, that may actually be a better fit for your organization. Weigh the pros and cons of each to decide which one works for you.


Questions and Final Thoughts


Which social media management platform are you using? If you aren’t using one, what’s your strategy?

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