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How To Create Attractive Social Media Pages For Your Business

"Appearance rules the world.”
That quote from Friedrich Schiller, German philosopher and playwright, sums up reality. Appearance means a lot of in this world. That stands true for your personal appearance as well as the appearance of your business — online and offline.

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Many companies spend thousands or millions of dollars in logo creation and spot advertising. They know that appearance means a lot when it comes to attracting consumers and making sales. Yet, when you look at their social media pages, you don't see the same attention to detail.

In fact, there is often a disconnect between their marketing and their social media presence.

If that applies to your business, you need to change that. Make your social media pages attractive. Make them align with the aesthetic you have in the rest of your marketing and branding. The process is not hard, but does require a bit of time and effort. You don't have to be the size of Coca Cola or Virgin Atlantic in order to create attractive, effective social media pages.

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Here are 6 ways to get a jumpstart on creating attractive social media pages:

  1. Use well-designed, powerful banners. The first thing someone sees on your Facebook profile is the banner or cover photo. Make sure that photo is professional, aesthetically pleasing, and carries a powerful message.

  2. Use photos with every post. Study after study shows that there is a higher chance that people will click-through on content that has a photo compared to those that do not. Plus, photos, carefully chosen, help to enhance the look of your page.

  3. Keep all images focused on your target audience. You may like Budweiser’s new commercial of the BFF puppy and horse. However, if you sell race car accessories, the photo has nothing to do with your target audience. It disrupts your visual appeal.

  4. Go multimedia. People like options. Being able to see some things in video, others in audio, and still others in text gives your social media pages a fun appearance.

  5. Use your brand colors. When your logo and website emphasize one set of colors (say blue and orange), you need to bring those colors over to your social media pages. Changing to red and orange on your social media pages would be jarring and not aesthetically pleasing to people familiar with your brand.

  6. Keep your pages up to date. Nothing is worse that someone finding a great social media page and then seeing the last update was from a year ago. That will turn people off quickly and imply that you are apathetic and not up to date on trends.

Years ago, people turned up their noses at the power of social media. They also used to think the world was flat.

When you are putting together your social media pages, keep aesthetics in mind. You will be attracting more people and encouraging them to interact with your business, and become loyal followers.

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I Want Unlimited Warm Leads!