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What Has Changed With Twitter's 2014 Redesign?

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twitter-hashtag.jpgAround the middle of April, Twitter announced that profile pages would undergo cosmetic surgery. While the basic Twitter structure will remain the same (140 characters to get your message across), Twitter will go where all of the major social media platforms already exist. Continue reading for key points on what you need to know about Twitter's redesign.

Say Cheese

The most noticeable change on Twitter's is the repositioning of videos and pictures to the center of the platform. While these changes may seem reminiscent of Facebook's 2013 redesign, Instagram is truly to blame, which actually spurred Facebook's 2013 change.

Now, Twitter places a gargantuan amount of value on videos and images. For instance, you will notice your profile picture is much larger, and your profile has a header image, which will quickly remind you of your Google+ or Facebook profile.

Not All Tweets Created Equally

Tweets with videos or photos will receive their own filter along the top, and down the left side of your profile. Twitter continues its trend of amplifying the viewing space and importance of images and videos. Simply put, not all tweets are created equally; ones with videos and images are better.

Twitter originally functioned on the utopian premise that users should be able to tweet practically anything and receive equal billing as everyone else. Now that Twitter is in reality, tweets that garner more retweets, replies, and favorites will be highlighted in the new Twitter. The goal is to provide you with the most important content on your timeline front and center.

Similar to Facebook's timeline "Top Stories" default filter, Twitter will now almost mirror this practice. While on Facebook, you can easily change your timeline filter, you are not able to on Twitter. Clearly, this new protocol has several benefits, but potentially being forced to look at someone's rapid fire Instagram pics isn't among them.

If You Like It, Put a Pin in It

With the redesign of Twitter, the goal is to increase browsing of user profiles by visitors. Since Twitter believes in putting your best foot or tweet forward, users are now allowed to pin their best tweet, which appear at the top of your timeline so you can show off your pinned tweet.

Sadly, the caveat is you are only allowed one pinned tweet at a time. When you try to pin more than one, you will be warned, "This will replace any previously pinned Tweet. Are you sure?" In addition, you can't pin other people's tweets.

Is There an App for That?

Currently, the redesign is exclusive to the web. At the same time, leaks are leading speculators to believe the new look will be extended to Twitter apps as well. When Twitter's new interface is shrunk to the screen of a tablet or smartphone, the app will greatly resemble your Facebook app. Whether you love it or hate it, Twitter is now on the same bandwagon Facebook jumped on, which was effectively started by Instagram.

Questions and Final Thoughts

What do you think about Twitter’s redesign?

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